What Does A Paperclip Weigh

Paperclips are standard issues in offices, schools, and most homes and businesses. They are the handy little items that we do not think much about unless we cannot find one then we are obsessed with them.

Have you ever taken the time to really consider the paperclip and facts about them? How much does a paperclip weigh? 

I think we will take the time to review these small items that are such intricate necessities in our lives.

How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh?

Paperclip in a bucket

The standard and original size paperclips weigh about one gram.

The largest paperclip ever created weighed 1327 pounds (602 kg). It was made from iron in 1989 and measured 22 feet and 11 inches in length.

Comparing Common Items to the Paperclip

You may not really know exactly how much a gram is. What does it feel like to hold one gram of weight in your hands?

Consider this:

  • A paper clip weighs about the same as one standard playing card
  • They weigh less than a penny
  • They are heavier than a single jelly bean
  • Their weight is about one-tenth of the weight of a AAA battery. They are also about one-tenth of the weight of a compact disc. The clips are about one-tenth the weight of a mouse.
  • They are one-fifteenth the weight of a AA battery.
  • They weigh about one-third of the amount of a piece of paper

Common Uses of Paperclips

People have a lot of things they do with these little items. Some of the most common uses of the paperclip are:

  • To hold two or more pieces of paper together
  • To clean the fingernails
  • To get food out of teeth
  • To keep a chip bag closed
  • As bookmarkers
  • To unclog spray bottle nozzles
  • To push the reset button on your phone
  • To hold eggs when you are dipping them into dye
  • To repair eyeglasses
  • To pick a lock with
  • To use as a fishing hook
  • To hang ornaments from the Christmas tree
  • To dig the pits out of cherries
  • As earrings
  • As an emergency tie clip
  • To keep bra straps from showing
  • As a money clip
  • To mark the end of a roll of tape
  • As a guitar pick

Did You Know?

These handy items are made out of molded plastic. Wire and wire that is coated with plastic?

The patent for these items was approved in 1867 and issued to Samuel B. Fay.

That Kyle MacDonald traded a paperclip (a red one) on craigslist for a pen. Then he kept trading each thing he got for something bigger until he finally traded his red paperclip for a two0story house in Kipling Saskatchewan.


How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh in Ounces?

A paperclip weighs about 1 gram or 0.049 ounces.

How Much Does A Jumbo Paperclip Weigh?

The jumbo clip weighs about 36345 grams.

Are Paperclips All The Same Weight?

The small and medium clips both weigh about 1 gram but the jumbo clip weighs more than 1 gram. Also coated clips may weigh more than standard clips.

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