Interesting Facts about Shot Put

In shot put, you throw a spherical metal object. The word put is used to mean the same thing as a throw.

The sporting event originated in Scotland in the 1800s. Other reports indicate the Ancient Greeks created that shot put. 

Shot put became an Olympic event in 1896 for men. Women did not start participating in shot put at the Olympics until 1948.

How Much Does A Shot Put Weigh?

The average shot put used by men weighs 16 pounds, and the ones used by women weigh about 8.8 pounds.

What is A Shot Put Made From?

A shot put is usually made from solid iron or solid brass. However, some are made from cast iron, stainless steel, or solid steel.

How is a shot put thrown?

The approved method of throwing a shot put is by holding the item in one hand and throwing in a forward motion that appears more like a pushing motion.

The person throwing the shot put stands in a circle that measures 7 feet. They then throw the item as far as they can.

The longest shot put throw by a man was 75.85 feet. Randy Barnes accomplished this.

The longest shot put throw by a female was 74.25 feet. Aratalya Lisovshaya accomplished this.

In the game’s early history, stones were used as the ball, and the British Military started using cannon balls when they played. Since then, the manufacture of balls from iron, brass, steel, and heavy metals has become popular.

Rules About Shot Put

  • Only one hand may be used to hold the ball
  • The hand holding the ball must stay level with or above the shoulder level. It should be held close to the neck so the ball can rest on the shoulder of the athlete. If the ball drops below the story of the athlete’s shoulder, it will be called on a foul throw.
  • If the athlete leaves the circle they throw from before the ball hits the ground, they are disqualified
  • If the athlete goes outside the sector lines, they are disqualified
  • The shot cannot be thrown or tossed. It must be pushed away from the body
  • The athlete will be disqualified if their foot extends past the toeboard
  • If the shot lands outside the boundaries of the sector or it is touching the sector line, a foul is called
  • The athlete is limited to sixty seconds to take their shot after the announcer calls their name.
  • The score of the athlete is based on the distance of the throw

Did You Know?

In the Scottish Highlands, they used stones as shot put over 2000 years ago?

Randy Matson holds the record as the first track and field player to throw a shot put over 70 feet.

The shot put participants are not allowed to wear gloves. The players can tape their fingers together for safety, but the regulations must do it.

Only one foul is permitted in the game.

If the shot slips before release, the throw will not be counted, and the athlete will get no score.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Shot Put Weigh-in High School?

A man’s shot put weight in high school was 12 pounds.

How Much Does A Shot Put Weigh in Middle School?

The middle school children throw a shot put that weighs 8 pounds or 4 kilograms.

How Much Does A Shot Put Weigh in The Olympics?

The Olympic shot put weight is 16 pounds for men and 8.8 pounds for women.

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