What is the Weight of Pea Gravel by the Yard?

Pea gravel is typically measured by the cubic yard. Like most soils, pea gravel is generally delivered in a dump truck and these trucks can hold a specific number of yards in their dump beds.

If you get a cubic yard of pea gravel you will have enough gravel to cover an area that measures one yard in width, one yard in-depth, and one yard in height.

How Much Does A Yard of Pea Gravel Weigh 

The weight of one yard of pea gravel is slightly more than 1 ton or 2000 pounds.

Understanding Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a specific aggregate made up of small stones with smooth rounded edges. Their smoothness is a natural occurrence over time.

You will find pea gravel located close to a body of water. It is made when the rocks have been exposed to the water for long periods of time and the water has tossed them and caused the to become smaller and have smooth edges.

Common Uses for Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is pleasing to look at. That is why it is chosen as a landscape addition by many people.


Using pea gravel to create areas of interest on your property and to enhance areas like flower beds is common.

It is often used around the house as an aesthetically pleasing border that can also block access to your home so pests, rats, and snakes cannot gain entry.

People create walkways from the curb to their homes and around their property using this medium. Pea gravel comes in a variety of colors so it can add interesting contrast.


The smooth edges of the small stones make pea gravel a good choice to use in driveways. The edges of the small rocks are not likely to do any damage to your tires. 

Pea gravel is made of large enough pieces that it drains very well. You will not have puddles of water standing on your driveway after rain.

Pea gravel is durable and long-lasting so you do not have to replace it on the driveway as often as you would some other materials.

Substitutions for Pea Gravel

Crushed Stone or Crushed Granite

crushed stone in hand

Crushed Stone is one thing that can be used instead of pea gravel. The crushed stone is not as smooth as the pea gravel.

Crushed stone compacts tighter and does not have the same drainage ability that pea gravel has.

Most people prefer to use crushed stone when they are needing to create a foundation for a driveway or area before they pour concrete or asphalt over it. Pea gravel is more likely to be used on top of something like crushed stone and not hidden under something like concrete.

Cost Considerations

The cost of pea gravel on average is about $35 dollars per cubic yard. If you want to purchase the gravel by the ton you will pay close to $45 a ton.

Different colors and sizes of pea gravel are priced higher. You may have to pay an additional amount of $20 to $50 more per ton to get the exact shades and sizes you want.

Buying larger quantities of the rock will often help you save money. 

The truck delivering the gravel will often charge extra if they have to deliver less than a full load of product. Getting ten or more tons at one time may lower the price a good bit.


How Many Yards Are In A Ton of Pea Gravel?

There would be about one cubic yard of pea gravel if you had a weight of gravel that measured one ton.

How Much Does 1/2 Yard of Gravel Weigh?

One-half of a cubic yard of pea gravel has a weight of about 1130 pounds.

How Many Tons of Pea Gravel is in A Cubic Yard?

A cubic yard of pea gravel weighs about 1.13 tons.

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