The Weight and Characteristics of an NFL Football

Football in the United States is one of the most popular sports. Children begin to play when they are as young as 6 years of age, and there are Pee-Wee leagues, Junior-High teams, High-school teams, college teams, and of course the NFL teams.

Watching football is a Friday night tradition in most small towns in the United States. On Saturdays, the college games take center stage, and Sunday games are usually reserved for the professionals.

How Much Does An Nfl Football Weigh

NFL Player holding the ball

An NFL football weighs between 14 and 15 ounces. The ball can have a length of 11 ¼ inches and a long circumference of 28 to 28 ½ inches. The short circumference measures 21 to 21 ¼ inches.

A football is a long sphere. Its formal shape is the prolate spheroid shape. The abnormal shape of these balls makes them very hard to hold onto so the gloves that professional players wear are coated with a sticky spray. That reduces the number of fumbles made during a game.

The Gear

When playing this game there are several pieces of regulation protective gear that the athletes wear. The gear is cumbersome, and the athletes must learn to move while wearing it, but the gear is designed to reduce the severity of injuries sustained on the field.


The average football helmet weighs between four and six pounds.

These helmets have an outer shell and a foam liner on the inside to absorb the shock of impacts. They are designed in this manner to reduce the possibility or severity of concussions, broken noses, lacerations of the face, or injury to the eye sockets and they help protect you from loss of teeth. Players also wear mouth guards to help protect their teeth.

The Football Jersey and The Pants

The typical football jersey weighs about one pound. They can get heavier if the material is thicker or if the player is very large.

The pants are about the same weight as the jersey. They weigh about one pound. The pants gain weight when the foam padding is placed in them to protect their knees and legs from injuries.

With the padding, football pants weigh between three and five pounds.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads come in flap style, wrap-around, and a hybrid short pad. These items typically weigh between three and six pounds.

The weight and size of the player will determine the weight of the pads. A big old lineman will likely have on pads that weigh close to six pounds. The smaller wide receiver that has to be fast on his feet will likely have on pads that only weigh about three pounds.

How Much Do The Football Players Weigh?

American Football Players

The average weight for an NFL player is 245.86 pounds. A lot of the players like the defensive tackle will weigh 300+ pounds. Some of the other players, like the running back, will weigh closer to 214 pounds.

The weight of the player is partially determined by their height and the position they play on the team.

Did You Know?

  • An endzone is about 10 yards long?
  • Professional and college games have a 60-minute duration.
  • The NFL plays 256 games in the time period between Labor Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Football has one of the shortest seasons of any of the professional sporting games.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Superbowl more often than any other team?
  • Prairie View College lost 800 games in a row.
  • The Green Bay Packers were the first Superbowl winners.
  • The first Superbowl game was played in 1967.
  • Hot wings and pizza are favorite foods to eat during the Superbowl.
  • Emmitt Smith gained more yards than any player in the history of the game. In a 15-year career, he had more than 18,000 yards.
  • The Pro-Bowl is played in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Aloha Stadium.
  • The first football game played was in 1869.
  • The NFL is made up of two conferences the NFC and the AFC. There are 32 teams in these conferences. 
  • Football cheerleaders make about $125 per game.
  • The Miami Dolphins are the only team to have a completely perfect season. It happened in 1972.
  • Teddy Roosevelt threatened to ban the game.
  • Paul Hubbard introduced the huddle in the 1890s.
  • The first professional player was William Heffelfinger. It was 1892 and he was paid $500.
  • College footballs have white stripes on the end to make them easier to see. NFL balls do not have the white stripe on the end.
  • Tom Brady has won more Superbowl games than any other player.
  • Because of the charitable work that he did, Walter Payton had the nickname of Sweetness.


Are Footballs Really Made Of Pig Skin?

The NFL footballs and college footballs are made of cowhide.

Who Invented The Game Of Football?

Walter Camp.

What Is The Inside Of A Football Filled With?

A rubber bladder that will allow it to be pressurized.

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