Considerations Concerning The Weight of Goku

Goku is a beloved Dragon Ball character from the planet Vegeta. His voracious appetite, strength, and physical characteristics are all part of his interesting persona.

The physical weight of this character is often debated. Officially Goku is listed as weighing 137 pounds (62 kg). A lot of people say that Goku may have weighed that amount in the beginning, but after all of his growth and changes, he must surely weigh more now.

How Much Does Goku Weigh?

The official weight of this character is 137 pounds or 62 kg. The appearance of the character does not match the weight according to a lot of people.

Officially, Goku is listed as being 5’9” in height so the amount he is supposed to weigh would make him very thin. The drawings and depictions of Goku show him as well-developed and quite muscular.

His muscular appearance makes many fans disagree with the paltry weight of 137 pounds or 62 kg. With his muscular physique, most fans say he has to weigh a minimum of 225 pounds or 102 kg.

Goku Facts

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Examining some of the facts about Goku will help you to make up your mind on whether you are confident in his weight being 137 pounds (62 kg) or if you think he weighs more or less than that amount.

Age Considerations

As we age our weight naturally fluctuates up and down. As a teenager, you will normally weigh less than you will weigh as a middle-aged adult. Most of the time middle-aged adults will weigh more than they will weigh when they reach older ages.

When Goku was first introduced in the original version of Dragon Ball he was a pre-teen at the age of 11. His aging in the different Dragon Ball scenarios has not been truly consistent.

  • In Dragon Ball Z his age is between 24 and 44 years
  • In Dragon Ball GT his age is roughly 51 years
  • In Dragon Ball Super his age is roughly 31 years

Remember when you are calculating age into his possible weight that Goku is a Saiyan. Saiyans share some human characteristics but they do not age the same. A Saiyan of 51 is more capable than a human of 51 would be.

We also have to consider that as an alien Goku might not have the same weight fluctuations throughout his lifespan that a human would.

Saiyan Age Considerations

Goku Super Saiyan

In the Daizenshu guide, the average lifespan of a Saiyan is reported to be about 100 years. This guide also reveals that at an age of 80 a Saiyan is still capable of fighting and doing youthful activities.

If we watch how Goku has grown and developed we will quickly determine that a Saiyan does not grow and change at the same rate as a human. This is very evident when you look at the son of Goku at age 5 and he appears very similar to his father in size and weight when his father was 11.

This is further evidence that the Saiyan physical weights and physical characteristics changed slower than human weights and physical characteristics do.

Does Goku’s Weight Change when he Transforms?

The character goes through several transformations. When he transforms into something like the Great Ape of Super Saiyan his physical appearance changes.

When he transforms he looks larger than he normally does. The transformation also leaves him appearing more muscular than he normally looks. 

It stands to reason that when he transforms into the Great Ape, Golden Great Ape or Super Saiyan that his weight will also change.

Does Goku’s Weight Affect His Strength

Goku's body after his Strength

Another reason why some fans are sure that Goku weighs a lot more than 137 pounds (62 kg) is the strength he possesses.

Goku can lift, throw and carry about 40 tonnes or 88,184.9 pounds. If you are thinking in human terms that would be impossible for someone who weighs as little as 137 pounds. 

Remember that Goku is an alien. His strength cannot be compared with his weight and size like it would be if he was human.

Goku has amazing amounts of strength like a superhero and his physical body weight does not limit or increase that strength.

A lot of the strength and agility that this character has derives from his mental acuity and abilities. Goku can use his mind in ways that human beings cannot use their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Goku Weigh Now?

The general consensus is that Goku weighs 137 pounds or 62 kg.

How Fat is Goku?

Goku is reportedly 175 centimeters or 5’9 inches in height and weighs about 137 pounds or 62 kg. At that height and weight, you would not consider Goku fat, he would be very slim.

How Heavy Can Goku Carry?

Goku can reportedly carry 40 tonnes (88,184.9 pounds).

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