What is The Average Weight of A Bicycle?

Before you buy a bicycle, you need to consider the weight of the person riding the bike and the height of the person riding. If you believe a bike is built for a specific gender, consider that.

The average weight of a bicycle is between 17 and 25 lbs. It would help if you bought a heavier bike for a thin rider or a lighter bike for a thicker-bodied rider.

The weight compensation according to the rider’s size will help the rider maintain proper balance.

How Much Does A Bicycle Weigh? 

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A bicycle can weigh anywhere from 17 pounds to 80 pounds. The weight is determined by the style of bike, the materials the bike is made of, and the accessories on it.

You also need to consider the amount of weight the bike is designed to carry. Most Mountain bikes can carry a person that weighs as much as 300 pounds., Many other styles cannot transport that much weight.

Considering Bike Weight According to Bike Style

Road Bike 

Road bikes typically weigh between 20 and 25 pounds. The heaviest road bike weighs about 33 pounds. The lightest road bikes are professional machines designed for athletes, and they weigh as little as 9.7 pounds.

Mountain Bike

The average Mountain bike weighs close to 29 pounds. The lightest Mountain bike weighs in at 21.2 pounds, and the heaviest one of this style tips the scales at 37 pounds.

Over the past few years, the design of Mountain bikes has changed to create heavier vehicles. The heavier vehicles are safer to ride over the rougher terrain.

With a bike built out of thicker and heavier materials, if you do wreck, you will not have to worry as much about the fork or the frame of the two-wheeler being bent or broken.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes weigh between 40 and 80 pounds. 

Most riders tell you that lighter electric bikes are better for riding.

BMX Bike

On average, an adult BMX bike will weigh around 23.6 pounds. 

If you have a BMX racing bike, the weight will be lower at about 21.2 pounds, and if you have a professional freestyle BMX, the importance of the machine will increase to close to 25.8 pounds.

Fat Bike

The average weight for a premium Fatbike is less than 30 pounds. A standard or traditional Fatbike will weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 33 to 36 pounds. 

You can get a custom-built unit that weighs as little as 22 bikes.

Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are heavier, and they are not built for speed. The average cruiser weighs between 35 and 40 pounds.

Beach Cruisers are meant to provide leisure rides, so they are designed to provide maximum comfort for the rider. You can get one of these units custom-designed to weigh less, but you will decrease the smoothness and comfort of the ride.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are pretty light. They usually weigh between 20 and 25 pounds.

You can even buy high-end versions made from carbon fiber and get one of these vehicles that weighs less than 20 pounds.

You will have to pay more cash to get the lighter bike.

Kid’s Bike 

Kid’s bikes can weigh as little as 6.6 pounds, and 9 pounds for the 10 to 12” machines.

Kid’s bikes are pretty heavy for their size because their riders are pretty light in the pants, and the bike has to be richer to create a balance.

When you are buying a bicycle for a child, remember that the bike’s weight should not exceed 30% of the importance of the child that will be riding it.

  • The 12” to 14” two-wheelers will weigh between 12 and16 pounds.
  • The 16” bikes will weigh between 13.1 and 16 pounds.
  • The 20” units typically weigh between 17 and 21 pounds.
  • The 24” bikes weigh between 20 and 27 pounds.

Which is Better on Average, The Lightweight Bikes or The Heavier Bikes

Set aside the considerations of pairing the bike’s weight with the rider’s weight. Are there other reasons why a lighter bike might be better than a heavier one?

  • Lighter bikes are easier to handle
  • You spend less energy riding a lighter bike
  • You might make climbing hills easier if you are riding a lighter bike

Do Heavier Bikes Cost More Money?

Men negotiating price of a bike

You would think that the increased poundage would make the vehicle cost more. It would make sense that heavier materials are probably more expensive, so the vehicle’s creation would be more significant.

Believe it or not, this is not the case. Most of the lighter bikes cost more, mainly because the more lightweight bikes were, for the most part, professional series bikes.
A recent study showed that you could generally buy a 25-pound bike for about $400, but a ten-pounder would cost you closer to $16,000.

Decreasing The Weight of A Bike

There are a few things you can customize that will decrease the weight of your bike.

Some of the easiest ways to make your bike lighter are:

  • Get handbrakes installed instead of the traditional coaster brakes
  • Change your wheels out to a lighter framed like an aluminum or carbon fiber wheel
  • The seat on the bike can be changed to a smaller heart, and you would be surprised at the amount of weight it will shave off of your bike
  • Removing the paint from the frame can shave off as much as 120 grams
  • Change your handlebars from the wider ones to narrow ones
  • Get clipless pedals 
  • Change to a simpler drivetrain
  • Get tubeless tires

Myth: A lighter Bike will Increase My Speed

This concept works for speed boats, planes, and even race cars. Reducing the weight makes the vehicle travel faster. 

Sometimes reducing the weight of a bike will slightly increase your riding speed. The fundamental factor that changes how fast you can ride is the riding skills you develop.

Your skills allow you to maneuver the bike and ride faster.

If you want to be faster on two wheels then you need to practice more, ride over different terrains and learn as many riding skills as possible.

Bicycle Related Question And Answeres

What is A Good Weight for A Bicycle?

This depends on what size the person riding the bike is/ The average motorcycle is close to 25 lbs. but lighter people need heavier bikes.

Is 26 lbs. Heavy for A Bike?

Bikes come in different weights according to what they are made from and their style. You can find some bikes that weigh as much as 80 lbs.

How Heavy is A Lightweight Bike?

A lightweight bike will be about 17 lbs. Except for the professional AX Lightness Vial Evo Ultra, which weighs only 9.7 pounds. If you look for one of these bikes, bring plenty of cash.

Final Word

If you have been trying to decide if you should buy a heavier bike or a lighter bike you should first consider what terrain you want to cover, and how much you weigh. Then buy the bike that fits your needs and you will not have to worry about bike weight because your skills will develop faster on a bike that gives you perfect balance.

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