The Weight and Other Facts about the Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is a treasured American icon. The large and prestigious bell draws more than one million visitors each year. 

Most Americans are aware that the bell was founded in Philadelphia and that the metal of the bell was brittle so when they tried to ring it for the first time it developed a crack.

How Much Does The Liberty Bell Weigh

The Liberty Bell weighs 2,080 pounds (900 kg). Just the yoke of the bell weighs 100+ pounds.

Metal Formation

The majority of the metal in this item is copper. The bell is made from 70% copper and 25% tin with a conglomeration of zinc, gold, arsenic, and silver in small percentages.

The brittleness of the metal the bell is made from is the likely reason that it cracked when it first rang.

When the bell first rang the clapper inside it broke and had to be repaired. John Pass and John Stow made the repairs and for their service, their names were engraved on the bell.

The bell is said to have cracked in 1846, which was also the very last time it was rung.

The Yoke

The yoke of this magnificent statue is made from American elm. 

When you visit the bell the yoke you see on display today is the original yoke constructed to hold the bell.


The bell is 3 feet tall and has a circumference around the crown that measures six feet and 11 inches.

The circumference around the lip section is twelve feet.

Did You Know?

  • The Liberty Bell was originally named the “State House Bell”?
  • The only day of the year that you cannot go visit this icon is Christmas Day.
  • There is no charge for visitors to come to see the bell.
  • In 1876 each state made a replica of this icon to celebrate the Centennial in Philadelphia. The replica that was made for Pennsylvania to display was made out of sugar.
  • The last time this bell was rung was in celebration of George Washington’s birthday. That was in 1846.
  • This bell rang to mark the signing of the constitution.
  • This bell rang when Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson each dies.
  • It was feared that the British would confiscate the bell and melt it down so, in 1777, it was moved to a church in Allentown, Pa., and armed guards protected it. 
  • Before World War I the bell used to travel across the country. It was retired from that practice because it had begun to have structural issues.

Myth Buster

It has been said that the Liberty Bell was ringing on July 4, 1776. That is not the truth. A magazine writer fabricated that tale. However, on July 8, 1776, the bell did ring in celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


How Much Gold Does The Liberty Bell Contain?

Between 0.02 and 0.06 of the Liberty Bell is gold.

Why Did The Liberty Bell Crack?

The metal of the bell was brittle and the force of the first test strike to ring the bell caused it to crack.

How Much is The Liberty Bell Worth?

The bell is worth about 15,246 dollars.

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