Why Your Digital Scale Keeps Changing Weight? Know-How to Troubleshoot it

When you are trying to get an accurate weight on an object and the digital scale keeps giving you different weight measurements or when the numbers on the digital scale fluctuate and will not hold steady, then it can be frustrating.

There are several things that you can do to help you troubleshoot your digital scales and fix the problem.

Digital Scale Keeps Changing Weight

Level the Scale

One of the main reasons why a digital scale keeps changing weights or is not reading accurately is that the scale is not on a level surface. You need to make certain that the scale is on a flat, smooth, level surface before you begin to weigh anything. People often face this problem when they are using a postal scale.

Check Your Battery

You will want to check and make sure that you have a fresh battery in the scale. If you have a battery that is losing power then the scale will either read inaccurately or the numbers may fluctuate on the digital display.

Change the battery in your scale, or charge the battery that is in the scale and then weighs the item again.

You should also check the battery terminals for corrosion or debris. Corroded terminals can alter the power amount that the device receives and although the device may turn on it will not be reading accurately. Just think, you are weighing your coffee on a coffee scale and it inaccurately shows the weight. How about the taste!

Dirt and Debris

If there is any dirt or debris on the weighing platform of the scale it might alter or change the weight the scale is displaying. Clean the surface of the scale and then weigh again.

Make Certain the Scale is Not Moved

Digital scales are much more sensitive than the old needle scales and if the item on the scale is not totally still, or if the scale is moved, even slightly during the weighing process, then the weight the scale reads will not be correct. It frequently occurs on a smaller scale like a kitchen milligram scale.

If your scale is set where the wind from your air conditioning vent or a fan can be blowing on it this can affect the readings. Make sure the air around the scale is still.

Turn the Scale Off then On Again

Sometimes the scale needs to be turned off and then let it stay turned off for about 30 seconds, then turn the power back on. When the power has been turned back on wait until the scale gives a digital display reading of 0.00 before you attempt to use the scale.

Do a Precision Check

To do a precision check you will need to weigh something that you know how much it weighs. You can weigh the object and see if your scales read the correct weight or if the scales read more or less weight.

Never trust one weighing. You want to repeat the weighing process at least three times before you decide if the scales are accurate or not.

If you try all of these troubleshooting methods and you are still having trouble with your scale changing weight then you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for recalibrating your scale.

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