About Us

We started Weigh Magazine so that everyone would have access to pertinent information concerning how to weigh different items. I got the idea for this magazine after helping a neighbor who was trying to find a set of scales to use to weigh her food for the new diet she had started. There were so many choices of different scales, and different devices to use that she found too much information, and not enough guidance. After helping her I realized that people needed sound information on the different types of scales, how to use those scales, and what features each type of scale should include.

My partners and I began to research all of the different types of scales; coffee scales, luggage scales, kitchen scales, milligram scales, pocket scales, rate monitors, and every other appliance, device, or gadget that pertains to weighing and measuring the weight of specific items.

Our Mission

At Weigh Magazine we have made it our mission to inform consumers what each different type of scale is designed to weigh and how to properly use each type of scale. We want every consumer to feel confident that they can read our pages and find out the facts concerning the scales they need.

We are not another commercial site that is trying to sell you a specific brand or type of device. We are a place where you can get answers concerning scales, weight, measurement, and feel confident that the information you read is not written to make one product look better than the other products.

Truth and transparency are the main focus with everyone at Weigh Magazine. We do not want to convince you to buy something, we want to convince you that you have made the best educated choice possible when you do decide to buy a scale of any type.

How We Device Our Lists

To make our mission statement a reality we chose experts in different fields and allowed them to test different scales so they could tell us which scales worked the best, which scales were easiest to use, and which scales they would buy for themselves. Then we take the information the experts give us and we create factual articles that will tell consumers what they want to know about the different devices.

We look at the items that have the newest technology and we look at the older items that are on the market. We ask our experts to tell us if the newer technology makes the scales easier to use. We want to be able to tell people which items are simple and efficient, and which items are more difficult to use.

How To Use the Products We Review

We also decided that everyone would benefit from instructional articles that explained how to use the different types of scales and the different features on the scales. We asked the experts in the different fields to explain to us how to properly use the scales and measuring devices that we were writing about.

Our Strategy on Testing Scales

Our strategy was to ask the experts to try the items, then asked everyday people to try the items. We believe that we can suggest better quality weighing devices if we know what the experts think and what the average consumer thinks.

  • We asked top chefs and home cooks to review and test our kitchen scales so we could be certain that the scales were dependable, efficient, and handy for the type of cooking you will be doing in your kitchen.
  • We asked health professionals and ordinary individuals to test out our bathroom scales to determine if they gave accurate readings and were easy to understand.
  • We asked office workers to try out different postal scales and tell us how easy they were to use. Then we took the postal scales to the USPS and asked employees of the USPS if the scales were accurate compared to the scales they used at the post office.
  • We asked health and nutrition experts to use different powder scales and to tell us if the scales gave accurate measurements of the powder. Then we asked people who were not in the health and fitness business to try the powder scales and tell us if they understood how to use them, and if they were easy to use.
  • We asked baristas to test the coffee scales and then we asked everyday people to test the scales. We wanted to know if the professional barista would recommend the scale for use at their coffee houses, and we wanted to know if the regular people could use the coffee scales easily, and get good results from the coffee they made with their measures.

Fad Gadgets

We make it a priority to test all of the fad gadgets that are designed to tell people the weights of different items, and we check all of the claims that these fad gadgets make. Some of the fad gadgets turn out to be new and innovative equipment, but sometimes they turn out to be items that simply take your money but do not live up to the hype of their advertising. We do not hold back. We report our honest findings so that our readers know exactly what we discovered about every item we tested.

We Answer the Questions You Ask

We try very hard to stay on top of the new trends, the new innovative features devices have, and the things that the majority of people are interested in. By staying on top of current fads and traditions we are able to discover what things our readers are the most interested in reading.

We want to answer the questions that our readers are asking. We want to uncover the hidden truths, the strange facts, and then share that information with our readers.

Tips from the Pros

We publish many tips from the pros because we come into contact with a diverse group of professionals who know how to get a little more from their scales than the average person knows. We gather all of these tips and suggestions made by the pros and then we share them with our readers so they can make their devices work like professional equipment.


At Weigh Magazine our focus is on our readers and the information that our readers will want. We write so that you can learn more about the things you are interested in.