Best Luggage Scales in 2019 – Digital, Portable and Handheld Reviews

If you fly frequently, or if you fly just on occasion, you know that each checked bag at the airport should weigh 50lbs or less. If your luggage weighs more than 50lbs then you will have to pay overweight fees and the overweight fees for luggage are very high. You can be charged as much as two hundred dollars for a piece of luggage that weighs between 71 and 100 pounds.

The best way to avoid incurring overweight luggage fees when you travel is for you to buy a luggage scale and weigh your luggage before you go to the airport. We researched many scales that fit this description and chose the following items as the best luggage scales of 2019.

Top 8 Best Luggage Scale Reviews

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, 110 Pounds


This digital scale can weigh baggage that weighs up to 100 pounds. The scale is small enough to be easily stored when not in use, and sturdy enough to weigh your luggage for many years to come.

This set of scales has a Tare function so you can use it to weigh more than luggage. The Tare function allows you to weigh a container, and then press a single button, add ingredients to the container, repeat the weigh process, and when the scale displays the weight of the container plus ingredients the weight of the container will be deducted.

These scales are battery powered and they come with the lithium battery needed to power them. There is a digital display that will tell you when the battery is getting low on power so you never have to guess if your battery is good or not.

The scale displays the weights that it measures in pounds and kilograms. It even has a thermometer that will display the current temperature.

You can use this device to weigh produce at the markets, or to weigh packages prior to going to the shipping store. You can easily take them with you when you travel, and with their accuracy you will never be surprised by luggage fees, and shipping fees again.

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale


The handle on this luggage weighing scale is designed so that you can use two hands comfortably when you are lifting the scale and luggage. You will get accurate and precise readings on any luggage weighing 110 pounds or less, or 50 kilograms or less. The weight measurements are read in 0.1 pound increments and 0.1 kilogram increments.

The backlit LCD display will instantly display the weight measurement. As soon as the scale has determined the weight you will see that weight displayed on the easy to read digital display screen.

If you have more than one piece of luggage that you have to weigh all you will need to do is take the piece of luggage you have weighed off the scale, press one button and put the next piece of luggage on the scale. It is that easy.

The scale has a twenty second off feature that will shut the power off to the scale if the device is not used for a period of twenty seconds. This feature increases the life of the batteries you use.

Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale


This Camry luggage scale has all of the features you want in a luggage scale.

 It can weigh pieces of luggage that weigh 110 pounds or less. You can also weigh packages and other items using the scale so it is a multi-purpose device.

The scale measures the room temperature so you will know if the area you have a delicate item in is too hot or too cold. The room temperature is displayed on the easy to read LCD screen that displays the weight measurements.

This device has a Tare feature so you can weigh items that are loose and need to be placed in a container. You can also get the weight of your baggage with and without the contents.

The unit comes with the battery it needs, and it will alert you when your battery is getting low so you can change it.

The device is compact and can easily be carried with you when you travel so you can determine if you have added weight to your luggage while you were on holiday. You can also take it to farmers’ markets and bazaars when you are traveling to determine the weight of fruits and produce that you purchase.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale


The Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale has the ability to weigh items of luggage that weigh one hundred and ten pounds or less. You will never have to pay overweight charges on your luggage if you have this small scale in your home, or with you when you travel.

This device is made of a stainless steel top plate, and a plastic covering on the bottom where the battery compartment is, so it is very sturdy, and easy to wipe down if you want to clean it.

The LCD screen that displays the weight of the luggage is not backlit so it requires less battery power to display the weight. Do not worry you can easily read the numbers on the screen even without a back-light.

It has an auto shut off feature that also helps to preserve the life of your battery. If the scale is not used for thirty seconds then the auto shut off powers the unit off. The manufacture includes a lithium battery with the unit.

There is a strap to hold the luggage in place while it is being weighed. The strap is more stable than the simple hooks on some devices.

Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale


This scale is a multi-purpose unit that can be used to weigh packages of any shape that you are going to ship, or pieces of luggage before you head to the airport. It has a flat platform that you set the item to be weighed on so your item does not have to have a handle on it.

It has the ability to weigh items that weigh as much as 440 pounds or 200 kilograms. The smallest weight it will discern is 6 ounces. It is perfect for all shipping needs because of this.

There is a Tare weight function that will display the weight of the contents inside a container without the weight of the container being included. These weights will be displayed on the easily read LCD screen.

It comes with a USB cord so you have the battery as a power source and you can use your computer or device with a USB port to power the scale as well.

It is easy to clean the scale platform, and the display screen for the weight is attached by a cord so the packages you are weighing never interfere with your ability to see the LCD screen.

Travelon Stop & Lock Luggage Scale


This luggage scale comes with a handy hook attached to the bottom and you hang your luggage that you are weighing on the hook and allow the scale to measure the weight. The device has two hands and the second hand on the scale will stop and lock onto the weight when it has an accurate amount.

This is a manual scale and it does not require batteries for it to operate. Instead of a digital display, there is a dial that is clearly marked and very easy to read. It is above your luggage so your luggage never inhibits your ability to see the dial.

The handle on top of this device folds down to make it even more compact and easy to store or carry when you are traveling. Some people even use this scale to weigh things outside because it has an all metal housing and a metal hanging hook. It is not battery powered and is less influenced by airflow around it.

The scale can weigh luggage that weighs as much as seventy five pounds. It would be excellent to use as a produce scale if you are buying or selling produce.

Digital Luggage Scale


This is an easy to use device that you can hold in the palm of your hand. It has a good grip so you can easily lift your luggage with it, and it is so small that you can toss it in your luggage and take it on vacation with you.

This scale is battery powered, but it has an auto power shut off feature that engages after the scale has not been used for one minute. This lengthens the life of the three AAA batteries that power the device. Because it uses standard AAA batteries you will not have a difficult time finding replacement batteries and you can even use rechargeable batteries.

It can weigh luggage that is one hundred and ten pounds or lighter, or fifty kilograms or lighter. You can get your weights displayed in either pounds or kilograms so it is easy for everyone to understand. It also has a sound indicator to tell you when it has finished weighing the item and is ready to display the weight. The auto weight lock will engage and the weight of the item will remain stable on the screen without fluctuation.

It does have a TARE function so you can use it to weigh many other items, even items that need to be weighed in a container or basket.

LEOKOR Luggage Scale


Using this scale you can weigh any luggage that is 110 lbs, or less and you will have access to a tape measure so you can measure the size of your luggage. Most airlines have a maximum size limit of 62” and that is the combined measurements of the length x width, x thickness of the luggage.

The scale has an overload warning light to indicate when a piece of luggage weighs more than 50 lbs. or 20 kilograms, even before the final weight is deduced. The indicator light will be green until the item reaches a weight greater than 50 lbs. and then the light turns red.

It has a large backlit LCD display so it is very easy to read the weight measurements. On this display, you can see the weights after the weight is locked in so that it does not fluctuate, and you can see the low battery indication and the warning light for overweight items.

There is an auto off feature to shut the scale off if it is not used for a period of time. The scale is small and can be taken with you when you travel so you have no surprises about the weight of your luggage when you get to the airport.

Things to be Considered to Help You Choose the Best Luggage Scales

If you are shopping for luggage scales there are some things to consider that will help you find the scales that will suit your needs the best.

The size of the scale

If you are shopping for scales that you can travel with you want to make certain that the units you are comparing are compact and lightweight. You do not want to add additional weight to your luggage when you add the scale.

The Weight Limitations of the Scale

You want to make certain that you get a scale that will weigh as much as seventy five pounds or more. The average airline restriction on the weight of luggage is 50 pounds for luggage flying in the luggage hold compartment and about 25 pounds for luggage that is being carried into the cabin of the plane.

The Features and Accessories

The following features are commonly seen on luggage scales and depending on the type of traveling you do, or whether you want scales that are capable of being used in multiple ways, these features can be an added bonus.

  • Auto shut off features increase the life of your battery by shutting the device down after a pre-determined amount of time. This feature is also handy when you carry the scale in your suitcase while you travel because the scale will not be accidentally powered on and the battery discharged because of it.
  • TARE features allow you to weigh things that are loose by placing them in a container and then displays the weight of the contents minus the weight of the container
  • Measuring tapes that allow you to measure the size of your luggage
  • Backlit LCD display screens with large numbers that are easy to read
  • The scale’s ability to display weight amounts in pounds and kilograms.
  • The weight lock in feature that causes the display amounts to stop fluctuating after the scale has determined the final weight
  • Easy to grip handles that help you to lift your luggage
  • Straps to hold the luggage while it is being weighed. Some scales have hooks for this purpose but the straps buckle so the luggage does not slip.
  • Thermometers that tell you the temperature of the room

When you are shopping for scales to use to weigh luggage you might want to consider scales that are multi-functional. Scales with flat platforms can usually weigh heavier items but these scales are not as easy to transport if you wish to take the scales with you when you travel.

How Do Luggage Scales Work?

Luggage scales measure the mass of an object that is attached to the scale by a hook or a strap. Most luggage scales hold the luggage above the floor by hanging the luggage rather than having a platform that the package sits on top of.  It is very easy to use a digital luggage scale.

Connect the luggage to the scale

You will either pull the metal hook that is on the end of the strap through the handle of your luggage and then fastens the metal hook into its closure like you would fasten a seat belt, or you hang an opened faced hook through the handle of the luggage.

Power on the scale

You turn the power on before you lift the luggage. You want to make certain that the digital display is reading 0.00 before you lift the luggage.

Use the handle on the scales to lift your piece of luggage

It is suggested that you use two hands to do this so that the luggage is steadier and stabilized. If you are unsteady or moving then the scale may have a hard time locking a weight of the luggage in. You might want to hang the luggage in a doorway so that you are not influencing the weight. If you do hang the luggage in a doorway hold the luggage steady for a few seconds and let go slowly so the luggage does not swing or sway.

Read the Weight Display

You then look at the digital display screen and see what the luggage weighs.

If you are weighing more than one piece of luggage be sure to zero the scale out before you put the new piece of luggage on it. This will assure that you get the weight of the bag that is on the scale not a combination of that bag and the previous bag.

Curious Mind: Is there an accurate way to weigh luggage without a scale? The answer is no for the word ACCURATE. Yes, there are several ways to weigh your luggage but none of them provide you an ACCURATE weight for sure.

Final Note

Airlines are very strict about how much a piece of luggage can weigh. If your luggage weighs even one pound over their weight limit then they will charge you for the extra weight. The normal weight limits at airports are 50 lbs. for a piece of luggage flying in the cargo hold of the plane. It will cost you between $25 and $40 dollars to check that bag in. If your bag weighs 51 to 70 pounds you can increase that check in cost to about $100 dollars.

Having luggage scales at home will allow you to weigh your luggage prior to leaving your house so you can take things out of the suitcase if you need to. These scales are capable of saving you a lot of money.

The best luggage scales are the ones that can be used in many different ways to weigh many different types of items.

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