Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding in 2020 – Expert Reviews

As a new mother we tend to worry about everything. New mothers are bombarded with information and they often feel overwhelmed by the number of things they need, and the number of things they need to keep track off.

The Best Baby Scale for breastfeeding will allow you to be able to test weigh your infant and determine exactly how much breast milk they are ingesting. That will take one of the worries away, and give you peace of mind knowing how much the baby is eating.

The following devices have been tested by our expert panel of pediatricians, medical professionals, and mothers.

Best Baby Scale Reviews for Breastfeeding Mom

1. Multi-Function Toddler Scale

Multi-Function Toddler Scale

This is not just a baby scale. This is a scale that can be used by the entire family, including the pets. It is designed to accurately measure weights between 0.1 pounds and 220 pounds.

This is a multi-functional digital scale that can be used to determine if your infant is getting the proper amount of food at each feeding. It has the ability to display weight measurements in kilograms, ounces and pounds.

The scale has a hold button so you can lock in the weight that is displayed until you can accurately record the weight. Even if the baby starts to move the hold button will allow the measured weight to remain steady. There is an easy on and off button, and a zero function that allows you to return the scale to zero before you weigh the baby.

The scale uses 2 AAA batteries and the manufacturer includes your first batteries with the device. The batteries are held in place by swivel locks beneath the baby weighing tray.

The LCD display screen is large so it can be read at any angle and from a distance. The screen is backlit so you can even read it clearly in a dimly lit room.

2. Health o Meter 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale

Health o Meter 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale

This baby scale comes with a growth chart book for you to use in charting your child’s growth. The book shows you the averages for children from the age of birth to 36 months. It also has a tooth tracker so you can mark which teeth come in first, and it has a shoe chart for toddlers. Babies grow very fast, and this book is a handy tool to take to the pediatrician each visit.

The scale can accurately weigh a child from zero to 60 pounds. It has a tray for weighing infants, and when the child is old enough to stand on the scale it converts with a platform for standing. It has a security lock that allows you to stabilize the scale tray and keep the baby safer during weighing.

There is a large LCD display screen so you can see the weight even from a distance. There is also a hold button so even if the child is active and moving the weight can be calculated and held. The display screen is backlit to help you see the numbers clearly.

A 9v battery is required to operate the scale and the battery is not included.

3. Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale

Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale

This baby scale is designed with children in mind. Babies and small children cannot be expected to sit perfectly still while they are being weighed. The designers included a hold button that can be pushed and even though the child might be moving the scale will make a precise weight calculation and display the amount on the digital screen.

The LCD display screen is large and very easy to read. The backlit screen makes it easy to see the numbers no matter how bright or dim the lights are in the room. You will not have to guess at the displayed weight.

This scale can be used to weigh pets, infants, toddlers, small children and people up to adults. The scale is useful for everyone in the family and grows with your child and family.

There is an on and off button, a hold button, and a button to let you choose between weight measurements displayed in ounces, kilograms, or pounds. The scale can weigh accurately between 0.11 pounds and 220 pounds.

There is a growth chart included with the scale, and when the baby is small enough to weigh inside the tray you can even see their lengths.

4. Salter Baby Scale 44 lb Capacity

Salter Baby Scale 44 lb Capacity

This handy scale makes weight calculations in increments of 0.5 ounces. It can weigh children up to 44 pounds.

The scale has a platform that is the scoop style. This platform measures 21.5” x 10”. It provides a safe place to cradle the baby while it is being weighed.

Infants do not lie still when you put the on the scale. So there is a hold button that will take into consideration the movements of the baby and still provide you with an accurate weight.

The zero function on the scale will provide you the weight of the baby by subtracting the weight of diapers and clothing the baby may have on.

The automatic shut on feature means there are no buttons to push when you get started, and the convenient automatic shut off feature keeps you from wasting battery life. By automatically shutting off after the device has not been used for sixty seconds the life expectancy of the scale is also increased.

When the baby grows the scale is easily converted into a toddler scale. The 1.2 inch LCD display screen remains the same for either infant use or toddler use.

A 9V battery is required to power the scale and LCD screen.

5. Multi-Function Digital Scale Measure Toddler/Adult/Puppy/Cat/Dog

Multi-Function Digital Scale Measure Toddler/Adult/Puppy/Cat/Dog

This is not a baby scale. This is a complete multi-functional scale that can be used to weigh pets, infants, toddlers, and even adults that weigh as much as 220 pounds.

When the baby or pet is small enough to be weighed in the plastic weighing tray the scale is even capable of giving you lengths up to 70 cm. When the child or pet is too large for the tray there is a convenient measuring tape included so you can continue to monitor their length.

The scale is digital and has an LCD screen with blue backlighting to display the weights and measurements. The blue backlighting reduces glare and allows you to see the numbers clearly even if the light in the room is bright or dim.

The scale makes accurate weight calculations in kilograms, pounds and ounces. You simply choose the mode you want the weight calculated in prior to weighing.

It has a simple on and off button to power the scale. There is a zero button that will deduct the weight of diapers and clothing so you get precise baby weight, and there is a hold button that can display a stable weight even if the baby or pet are not sitting still.

6. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

We all know that weighing babies can be hard to do. This scale will take all of the difficulty out of getting an accurate baby weight.

This ingenious device takes a common changing pad and combines it with a wireless smart scale that is built right in the changing pad. All you have to do is lay the baby on the changing pad and the not only will the smart scale automatically weigh the infant, it records the weight on an easy to read chart that is accessible to you via your smart phone.

You will always have the accurate charts available when you visit the child’s pediatrician, and you will always have the accurate charts to look back over and check your baby’s progress.

You can easily determine if the baby is getting the proper amount of food when they breastfeed. You can see exactly how much weight they gain each week and month. You will know precisely whether or not your baby is growing steadily.

The scale is conveniently in the changing pad so there is no need for another device in the room taking up space. It is also convenient to weigh the baby while you are already undressing and changing the baby.

7. HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function

This baby scale is designed to make life easier for parents. It has a large digital display screen that displays the weight measurements so you can easily see them. The larger screen makes it easier to read numbers when your head is tilted at an angle, or you are standing a little farther from the device.

The display screen is backlit so the numbers are clear and you do not have to guess what they are. This is a light weight device that can be easily transported to any area of the house.

There is a hold button so you get an accurate weight of the baby even if the baby is moving and not lying still. The scale will easily weigh babies up to 44 pounds in 0.5 ounce increments for precise weight measurements.

The scale weighs in pounds, kilograms and ounces. You choose the mode of weight calculation you prefer.

There is an auto shut off feature that will save the battery life and increase the longevity of the scale. When the device senses no activity for sixty seconds it will automatically shut off. You turn it back on by pushing the on/off button.

Buying The Best Baby Weight Scale For Breastfeeding

 When you are bottle feeding a baby it is easy to see how many ounces of formula they ingest at each feeding. When you are breast feeding a baby you have to try and guess how much food the baby has taken in. Most pediatricians instruct breastfeeding mothers to weigh the baby prior to feeding and immediately after feeding to determine the amount of breast milk they consumed.

In order to make these weight measurements you need to have a scale that is designed to weigh infants. There are a few things you should consider about these types of scales prior to purchasing one.

Safety Tray

In order to weigh an infant the scale needs to have a scoop tray that they baby can be placed in. The scooped tray will keep the baby safely in position while the scale is calculating their weight.

Digital Readings

A baby is not going to lie still while you weigh them so that makes reading a weight dial pretty difficult. To weigh a baby you need to have a scale that has a digital display screen. The digital screen clearly shows the weight. Most of these LCD screens are backlit so you can see the numbers clearly even if the light in the room is not very bright.

Hold feature

The hold feature on a baby scale allows the scale to determine the weight of a moving object. Remember that babies do not lie still while getting weighed and most of the time the scale would fluctuate readings each time the baby moved. The hold button insures that you get the accurate weight even though the baby is active.

Zero Functions

Zero functions do not just reset the scale to zero when you are finished weighing. A digital scale automatically does that. A zero feature will work like a tare feature. The zero feature will provide you the baby weight after it subtracts the weight of the diaper and clothing the baby is wearing.


If you are going to invest in a baby scale you should consider investing in one that can be used as the child grows. Many of the newer baby scales have removable trays and convert into toddler scales. Some of the scales even have the ability to measure weights of as much as 220 pounds so the scale can be used for the entire life of the child, and not just during their infancy.

Special features

You want to consider the special features that are offered along with the scale.

  • Some manufacturers offer scales that can connect to your smart phone so you can always have a chart of your child’s growth progress with you.
  • some scales offer growth charts that you fill out
  • Some scales offer automatic on and automatic off features. The sensors detect the weight and the scale is activate, and after the sensor does not detect a weight for as much as sixty seconds the scale will automatically power off
  • Easy to clean surfaces are another option.

FAQ on Baby Scale:

Q. Why you need a baby scale?

One of the biggest reasons why you need a baby scale is to determine how much milk the baby is ingesting while they are breastfeeding. This determination is made by weighing the baby before they nurse and then weighing them immediately after they nurse. Then the mother can chart the amount of food the baby eats, and the doctor can determine if the baby is eating enough to allow them to grow steadily.

Q. How much should a 2 month old weigh?

The average two month old girl weighs approximately 11.3 pounds. The average two month old boy weighs approximately 12.3 pounds.  With that being said you must remember that every baby is different, and you should not spend too much time being concerned whether your baby is the perfect “average” weight for their age. Most pediatricians will tell you that your two month old should have gained about 1.5 to 2 pounds above their birth weight, and they should have increased about 1 to 1.5 inches in length.

Q. How much weight should a baby gain in a month?

Your baby will probably gain about one to one and a half pounds each month. They will also probably grow about one to one and one half inches in length each month. Each child is different and if your child is not gaining or growing at this rate you should ask your doctor what is the best weight gain for your baby each month.

Q. Which food is good for baby weight gain?

The best food for a baby is the natural breast milk produced by their mother. If the baby cannot be breast fed then there are excellent baby formulas that your doctor will suggest for you to use. These formulas are designed to have the proper nutrients, including fat content so the baby can grow and gain weight at a steady pace.

Q. Do Breastfed babies gain weight slower?

The majority of breast fed babies gain weight exactly as they should. Breast milk is formulated to provide a baby with everything they need nutritionally. At times a mother may not produce enough milk for the infant and this can cause the infant to not gain weight like they should. If you have any concerns about your baby and their weight gain; consult their pediatrician for advice.

Q. Do breastfed babies develop faster?

Breast fed babies gain weight and grow; at the same pace as other babies. There are national averages that are considered to determine if a baby is developing mentally and physically at a steady rate, but each baby is different and their development cannot be totally measured by the national charts. Only your pediatrician can help you decide if your infant is developing at a steady rate.

Q. How does a baby scale work?

Baby scales are designed to calculate weight just like all other scales designed to weigh humans. Baby scales usually have hold features that allow the scale to settle on a weight even though the baby in the tray is not being still. The scale is designed so the baby can lie down in the tray and the tray has scooped sides that stop the baby from falling out of or off of the weighing platform. The weighing sensors are in the platform under the tray.

Q. How do I know how much breast milk my baby is getting?

The only sure way to determine the amount of breast milk that a child drinks at one time is to weigh the child. You should weigh the baby before you allow them to nurse. Write the weight down. The as soon as the child is satisfied and stops nursing weigh them again. Deduct the first weight from the second weight to discern how much breast milk the baby consumed while nursing.

Final Notes

Having a baby is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Breastfeeding your baby is one of the best choices you can make for your child. Learning to weigh the baby and calculate the amount of breast milk they eat, and make sure that they are eating enough food is a part of being a breast feeding mom.

Getting a baby scale that you can use as a toddler scale, and then on through the child’s growing years will allow you to have a device that provides you with the data you need to know to chart your child’s growth and development.

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