Best Mechanical Bathroom Scales Reviews in 2020

When our experts began to look at bathroom scales, and how they function, the first thing that came to their mind was, what features can be found on the best mechanical bathroom scale?

Everyone knows what a bathroom scale is supposed to do, and most people simply go out and buy the first set of scales they see at the first store they stop at. If a person wanted to be certain they were getting the best scales for their money what should they look for?

Our experts took these general questions and they started on a quest to discover the best possible scales and the features that made these scales the best.

Top 7 Best Mechanical Bathroom Scales Reviews

1. Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom Scale

Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom Scale

These scales are ultra-thin. The thinner scale allows you to step onto the scale without having to lift your leg as high. That makes these scales perfect for elderly people, or for people who have ambulatory complications that keep them from being able to lift their leg very high.

These are analog scales so they do not require any power source in order for them to work. You will not need to plug them in, charge them up, or put batteries in them. When you get the scales you will simply turn the dial so that the scale register is set on 0 and then they are ready to be used.

These scales can weigh a person that weighs as much as 330 pounds. Many bathroom scales stop weighing at 250 pounds so these scales are perfect for larger people, and they are perfect to use when you want to weigh yourself and something else. If you want to weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport you can step on the scale and get your weight total, and then you can pick up the luggage and get your combined weight with the luggage in hand.

2. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale

Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale

This set of bathroom scales is designed with a larger than a normal dial. The dial is oversized so the numbers of the scale can be larger. That makes it easier for everyone to see the numbers on the scale. Many people stop using their analog scales because they have trouble reading the weight on the small display areas. This set of scales makes seeing the numbers easy and makes it possible for you to have scales that need no batteries in your bathroom.

The weight on these scales is displayed in one pound increments. This allows you to get your precise weight with no guessing.

The scales are made from a sturdy steel design. The steel makes them more stable to stand on so they are less likely to tip or move. The steel also increases the stability of the scale so you get a more precise and accurate weight measurement from them.

The platform of the scale is larger than normal. It is also padded with a soft touch mat. This makes the scales easier and more comfortable to stand on while you are weighing.

The scales are attractive and will look good in any room you choose to use them.

3. Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale

Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale

This is not your run of the mill set of scales. You will be able to use these scales to make weight measurements up to 400 pounds.  They not only display weight in pounds but they also display weight in kilograms. They measure up to 180 kg. The weight measurements are made in 0.2 lb increments or 0.1 kg increments.

These scales do show your weight in the traditional analog dial and with an LCD screen, they display the weight digitally as well. The LCD screen is backlit and very easy to read. These scales are easier to read in low lighting situations, and they can be read from any angle.

The designers included an alarm on the scale that can be set to remind you to weigh yourself at the same time each day. Since weight fluctuates weighing at the same time each day gives you the most accurate results.

The platform is made of impact resistant glass. The platform is extra-large and the tempered glass is sleek to look at, and it is non-porous so it can be kept germ free.

There is an automatic shut off that saves battery life.

4. Triomph Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Triomph Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This is a beautiful, sleek, black scale that can provide you with accurate measurements and enhance the décor of the room that it is in. These scales are not only beautiful to look at they can provide you with accurate weight measurements. They have four precision sensors in them that are developed from the latest German technology.

They have been tested and approved by the FDA, the CE, the FCC, and the ROHS, so they are certified as being accurate weighing devices.

You do not have to worry about turning the scales on because they are equipped with sensors that detect when you step on them, and sensors that shut the scales off when you leave them untouched for sixty seconds. These features increase the life expectancy of the scales and they let you use fewer batteries. The scales do require 2 AAA batteries, but your first ones are provided with the scale.

These scales measure in pounds or kilograms. They can accurately measure up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms.

They have non-slip feet on the bottom so they do not slide on your flooring and they will not scratch or damage your flooring. They are made from tempered glass that is four times stronger than normal glass.

5. Health o Meter Oversized X Large Platform Dial Scale

Health o Meter Oversized X Large Platform Dial Scale

This precision set of scales is designed to make weight measurements up to 400 pounds. The weight measurement is displayed on a large oversized dial so everyone will be able to see their weight with no difficulties. To make sure that the person reading their weight would have no trouble the manufacture put a bright red pointer to point at the large numbers.

These scales also have a larger than a normal platform to stand on while you are weighing. The platform has soft mats attached so they cushion your feet and make the scale more comfortable to use.

You do not have to have any batteries to operate this scale. There is a simple to move cog that allows you to set the scale to zero, and then you put it in position on a level surface and you are ready to weigh. No batteries, no on and off switch, and no problems.

The scales are attractive to look at so you will not feel the need to hide them but will be comfortable setting them out in your bathroom. They are dependable and accurate so you can weigh with confidence, and keep track of your ups and downs.

6. Ozeri Rev 400 lbs 180 kg Bathroom Scale

Ozeri Rev 400 lbs 180 kg Bathroom Scale

If you want the ability to weigh and get accurate weight calculations in either pounds or kilograms then this set of scales should be on your list of things to own. The scales are attractively designed with a black platform made of tempered glass.

They have a large round dial for viewing the weight measurements and the weights are displayed on a regular dial and on a backlit LCD digital display screen. You can easily see your weight from any angle, and the lighting in your home will not affect your ability to clearly see the weight.

The scale has a sensor to turn it off after it sits without being used for a period of sixty seconds. This saves the batteries. It operates using 3 AAA batteries, and if the batteries get low on life the scale will alert you so you can change them.

There is an alarm designed on the scale that you can activate sop it will alarm and remind you to weigh each day at the same time.

The scale can weigh up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms. It calculates weight in 0.1 pound increments and in 0.05 kilogram increments.

7. Salter Professional Analog 400lb Bathroom Scale

Salter Professional Analog 400lb Bathroom Scale

These scales are red, and black, and visually stunning. The main body of the scale is red and the cushioned platform you stand on is black. The dial that displays your weight is located in the center top of the scales, and that dial measures 7.25 inches.

That large dial has the pounds in large black numbers and the kilogram equivalents in smaller red numbers. There is a large red pointer to indicate your precise weight calculation.

These scales are attractive, but they are also built sturdy and designed to be long lasting. The steel construction helps them to be stable and durable. The vinyl mat covering the platform is tough and tear resistant.

These scales require no batteries and have no sensors that could go out. They have a steel weighing mechanism that is designed to provide you with accurate measurements for many years.

They are easily cleaned by gently wiping them with a damp cloth. They also resist skidding so you will not worry about the scales damaging your flooring.

The vibrant colors and the large display dial remind you of the scales made years ago. The look of these scales will bring a smile to your face and add a touch of retro to your décor.

Picking the Best Mechanical Weighing Scale for Your Bathroom: 

When it is time to choose a set of bathroom scales there are a few things to consider so you get scales that are going to be right for your needs.

The Weight Limitation

The biggest concern for many people will be the weight limitations the scales have. Some scales are not capable of weighing anyone who weighs more than 250 pounds. That limitation would not do if someone in your home weighed more than that amount.

There are a large number of quality scales that can weigh as much as 400 pounds. You want scales that weigh in one pound increments so you can know exactly how much you weigh, and if you have gained or lost any weight.

This is especially important for people who may have heart conditions because a weight gain of one pound or more in a 24 hour period could signify that the person needs to take a medication or consult with their doctor.

Large Dials for Weight Displays

When you are buying scales you want to make sure and get a set that has a large dial to display the weight. If the dial is small there is a good chance that you will not be able to see it clearly and that you might get frustrated when you are weighing on it.

Many of the new scales offer large visible dials, with large printed numbers, and often they have black numbers and a red pointer so it is easy to see the exact weight measurement.

Stable Construction

You want scales that are stable and will not move while you are on them, or while you are stepping onto the weighing platform. This means you want scales that are made from high quality materials that are sturdy and can withstand weight being placed on them.

You have several choices such as the tempered glass platforms. This glass is as much as four times stronger than ordinary glass, it is designed to hold weight and remain stable, and it is tempered so it is very hard to break. Normal scale usage will not break this type of glass.

Steel construction on scales is also sturdy and can withstand weight without shifting. You want to avoid scales that have plastic frames or that are very lightweight. Lightweight scales may have a tendency to move.

Low Platforms

You want scales that have low profile platforms so you do not have to raise your foot as high to step on the platform. This lower platform will reduce falls and injuries.

Difference between Digital and Mechanical Bathroom scale:

The 2 main scale types that you have to choose from are digital and mechanical. To determine which type of scale you would like to own you must consider the differences and similarities of the two types.

Digital Mechanical
Requires batteries for their display and calculations Need no power source to make their calculations
Makes use of a stretch spring to calculate weight Uses mechanical methods to generate weight readings
Usually has backlit display screens that are easier to see in low lighting situations Can have very large display dials that make reading the weight easy to do
Can be made from a variety of materials Can be made from a variety of materials
May have several features such as on and off sensors and overweight sensors Are simple and the most you have to do to these scales is make sure they are set to zero
Digital scales cost more than mechanical scales
You cannot simply set the scale back to zero to recalibrate them Have few things that can break or go wrong with them
Considered to be more accurate because they reset to zero every time you weigh, or they are supposed to reset to zero after each weighing Are usually longer lasting items because they have fewer parts that can be broken
May be thinner than most mechanical scales May be heavier than most digital scales. The heavier scale is less likely to move when you step onto the platform

The main consideration you need to have about digital and mechanical scales is the quality of the construction, You want scales that are made from quality materials so you can rely on the weights they provide to you.

Final Note

Mechanical scales have been used for many years to provide body weight, food weights, and more. These scales can be just as accurate as of the digital versions that are now so popular. Most doctor offices and hospitals still have mechanical scales to use as back-up scales when their digital scales fail to function properly.

To choose the scales that are right for you just consider how much weight you will be placed on the scales the majority of the time. You should also consider whether you are using the scales because of a medical condition or to keep track of your body weight.

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