Best Fish Scale Reviews in 2020

An angler can only have bragging rights about the big ones they catch, if they have accurate weights and measurements of their catch. The best fish scale is an angler’s desire, so they can prove to people who caught the biggest fish.

In the U.S. fishing create $208 billion dollars in sales last year. Fishermen helped to create and support about 1 and one half million jobs in the United States.

The scales used by these sports fishermen must be rugged, reliable, and dependable. They must also be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. The following 7 scales all meet the rigid requirements of the average angler.

Best Fish Scale Reviews 2020

1. ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure

ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure

The RealSonar digital scale stands out amongst the completion because it features a digital display screen that is easy to read, and accurate within .02 pounds. The LCD screen the weights are displayed on is large and easy to read, even in sunny conditions.

This wonderful scale does not just give you the weight of the fish you just caught. It also provides you with the tape measure so you can measure the length of the fish you just caught. It will accurately measure a fish that is up to 39 inches long.

You will be provided with accurate weight calculation between .02 pounds and 99 pounds. It has TARE weighing designed into it so you will know the weight of your fish without the weight of any container it might be in.

It has a lip grabber that can be removed if you need to. It also has a stainless steel hook for holding up the big guys.

This is a tool that every angler can use. It has a battery that will last for as much as 500 hours. The scale also has an automatic shut feature to help the battery last even longer.

2. Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip Fishing Scale

Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip Fishing Scale

The Boga Grip 315 was designed with the “catch and release” policy as a guideline. The scale will measure a fish that weighs as much as 15 pounds, or as little as one quarter of a pound. It is also designed to hold the fish in a delicate grip that does no injury to the fish. This is important in catch and release because an injured fish might not be able to return to living the same quality of life it had before, and an injured fish may become a predatory meal for a larger fish, or other species.

This fish weighing device is crafted from high grade plastics and stainless steel parts. The stainless steel will not rust or corrode no matter what the weather conditions are like, or whether you fish fresh or salt waters. Stainless is strong and resilient, and the plastic components are made from acetal. Acetal is a high grade plastic substance that is able to withstand cold temperatures without getting hard, or becoming brittle.

With this measuring device you can weigh your fish, get an up close look at the fish, and even take a picture of the fish to show all of your friends. Then you can easily release the fish back into the water with minimal human contact.

3. Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales

Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales

One of the best things about this set of fish scales is the fact that you can use them with just one hand.  The scales are lightweight and attached to a lanyard that you can strap around your wrist. The when you need to use them you rejoice that they are simplified to the point that you only need one hand to operate them.

Another great feature of these scales is the measuring tape that allows you to know the precise length of the fish, as well as the weight calculations that tell you the precise weight of the fish. The tape measure that allows you to get the fish length is retractable so it is never in the way.

The device is made of stainless steel so it will not rust or corrode. I can tolerate hot or cold temperatures and you can use it during salt water or fresh water excursions. The quality of the materials used in the construction of an item like this make the difference in how accurate the item is, and how long the item will last.

This scale is designed to grip the fish lip gingerly so that it does not tear or damage the fish lip. You can release a fish weighed using this scale and not have to worry that the fish was injured.

4. Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Digital Fishing Scale

Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Digital Fishing Scale

If you are going to have a scale worthy of measuring fish then make sure it is a scale that can weigh large fish. You will love the fact that this particular weighing apparatus can accurately make measurements as small as 0.2 pounds and can weigh fish that are as large as 110 pounds. The weighing sensor is capable of making weight calculations in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

Everyone knows that anglers want to know how much their fish weighed, but they also want to know how long their fish was. This apparatus has a measuring tape that can give you measurements in centimeters or feet. It can make a precise measurement up to three feet in length.

This scale has a hook that is kept out of sight in the back of the device, This hook is stainless steel so it can be used around water, or moisture without you worrying about it corroding or rusting. It can be used to lift that large fish, or you could use it to lift your luggage and weigh it before you leave for the airport.

The device requires 3 AAA batteries for power, and the manufacturer has included those batteries with the device.

5. MODERN STEP Hanging Scale

MODERN STEP Hanging Scale

This is a major weighing device that is capable of weighing as much as 660 pounds. That makes it handy for farm use, deep sea fishing, regular fishing, hunters, and more. It even has an overweight alert in case you are trying to weigh more than it is capable of.

It is so small it can easily be transported in the glove compartment or storage compartment of your vehicle. It measures only 6.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 1.4 inches and weighs only one pound.

It has a large LCD screen that displays the weight calculated by the sensors. The screen is backlit so it is easy to read even if you are in dim lighting. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and your first three batteries are included in the package.

There is a hold weight key so you can tell the scale to hold the current weight, and that gives you time to note the weight before you continue. If the scale does not automatically reset when an item is removed you can pull down slightly on the scale hook and cause the sensor to reset.

This item is made of premium materials so it is durable and reliable. The sensor of the scale is precise and accurate.

6. Hanging Scale 660Lb 300Kg for Farm

Hanging Scale 660Lb 300Kg for Farm

This scale can accurately measure hanging weights that are up to 660 pounds or 300 kilograms. It is easily used. You insert the batteries and then select the weight mode you prefer the sensor to calculate the weight in. You can choose from kilograms, pounds. Once you have selected the weight mode the electronic device will calculate the weight in  increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kilograms.

The scale can be used accurately on game or farm animals like pigs, deer, goat, sheep, calves, or even on fish, or products such as hay bales.

The giant backlit LCD screen will display your measurements in extra-large font and bold numbers so you never have trouble reading the screen.

2 AA batteries are required to power the device. The manufacturer has included the first 2 AA batteries for your convenience. Your scale is ready to use as soon as you insert those batteries and choose your weight mode.

It is a precise piece of equipment that can be used by doctors and medical professionals, hunters and anglers, farmers, and shop owners. It can be used as a household tool or a commercial operations tool.

7. MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing

MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing

This weighing device can measure items as heavy as 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. It makes the weight calculations in increments of 0.01 pounds or 10 grams.

The scale has a tare function so if you are weighing something small enough to be placed into a container the scale will tell you the weight minus the weight of the container you are using.

It has a data lock function so you can make the weight you have just taken stay on the screen and allow you enough time to make any recording of the weight.

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are included with the scale. After 120 seconds of no use the scale will automatically shut off and save your battery life. It also has an overload indicator should you ever try to weigh something that is more than 110 pounds or 50 kilograms.

The scale makes measurements in kilograms, ounces, pounds or the Chinese preferred Jin. You choose the mode of weight calculation prior to hanging the item on the stainless steel hook. The sensor then provides you the accurate and precise weight of the item in question. This device is great for household or commercial use.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Scale?

 The biggest problem you might have with a fishing scale is choosing the best one to suit your needs. Before you buy a scale consider the following things.

What type of fishing do you do most often?

Anglers either fish in salt water or fresh water. The fish that are caught by salt water anglers are often larger and weigh more than the fresh water alternatives. Before you purchase a scale you want to make sure the scale can handle the weight of a typical fish caught in the waters you prefer to fish in.

Does the scale have just a hook or does it have a fish lip grabber?

The scales that have just a hook are far more likely to cause permanent damage to the fish you weigh than scales that are designed with fish lip grabbers. The fish lip grabbers are preferred in tournament fishing and in catch and release fishing programs because they do very little traumatic injury to the fish and the fish are more likely to survive the encounter.

The devices with fish lip grabbers also will allow you to get a good photo of the fish without having to handle it a great deal. If you are releasing the fish back into the wild; the less you touch it the better for the fish. The oils from the hands of a human can cause the fish to develop skin lesions that can often be deadly.

Does the scale also have a measuring tape?

Anglers want to know how much their fish weigh but they are also concerned with how long their fish was. Many weighing devices come equipped with measuring tapes that allow you to get both the weight and length of the fish. Once again, be sure that the tape is a good one for measuring fish from the type of water you fish in. Salt water fish are often longer than fresh water fish are.

Is the weight displayed on a screen?

If the weight of the fish is displayed on an LCD screen then the device probably takes batteries to power it. Make sure you know what size batteries you need, and how many batteries you need.

You also want to see if the LCD screen is large enough to make viewing the weight easy, and if possible get a device that has a backlit screen.

Final Note

Weighing your catch of the day allows you to know exactly how good you did, and allows you to brag about your prowess as an angler. The weighing devices mentioned above are all great items to help you take the weights, measurements, and other intricate details of your catch.

Most of these devices are made from plastic components and stainless steel components because they will primarily be used in or near water. These materials do not rust or corrode, and water does not cause them to shrink or become brittle.

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