Best Coffee Scales Reviews in 2019

If you love coffee, and you want to create coffee drinks that are as delicious as the ones you buy at the expensive coffee houses then you will want coffee scales to help you weigh and measure your ingredients.

I used to think I made a good cup of coffee, until I visited a friend and they made me a fabulous cup. When I questioned my friend I discovered that we used the same coffee beans, the same distilled water, and the same type of brewing pot. The only difference between her coffee and mine was that she used coffee scales to get her amounts precise.

When I left her house I began the search for the best coffee scales so I could duplicate the flavorful concoction I had just had. The following scales were my top picks from all of the ones I reviewed.

Best Coffee Scales Review 2019

Digital Kitchen Food Coffee Scale + Timer by Nourish


This digital kitchen scale is a multi-purpose scale that has both a timer and a stop watch built in so you can perfectly time what you are cooking. With this scale you will be able to create perfect recipes time and time again.

The scale has four high precision sensors so it is very accurate with every weight measurement. You are able to receive the weight details in grams, pounds, or ounces according to your preference.

The glass surface of the device is very easy to clean, and since it is glass and non-porous it is more hygienic than scales made of other materials. This means you will not have to worry about anything lingering on the surface after cleaning and causing any cross contamination. Also the control buttons are designed into the smooth surface so they do not trap or catch any crumbs. This scale is very easy to wipe clean and maintain.

The scale only weighs 1.1 lbs and measures 10 x 8 x 0.8 so it is very easy to store this item in a drawer or cabinet when it is not in use. The scale is also designed to be attractive so you can leave it on the counter for easier use.

Hario V60 Coffee Scale and Timer


If you want a perfect cup of coffee you need precise measurements and the Hario V60 scale and timer delivers precise measurements in 0.1 increments. The perfect calibration of this scale ensures that you can create perfect cups of coffee every time.

The timer o the scale allows you to time the length of time that you allow your coffee to percolate or drip so the strength of each pot of coffee you make will be consistent. With the precision timer and the exact weight measurements of the ingredients you will be in complete control of every pot of coffee that you brew.

The Hario V60 is operated by 2 AAA batteries, and in order to save battery life the scales will power off if they are not used within a five minute time period. When you have the timer on to time your coffee brewing the automatic timer will not be engaged until the timer is turned off, then after five minutes the scale will automatically power off.

This scale measures just a little less than 4 – ¾” X 7-1/2” X 1-1/8th” and the weighing platform is 5.5” X 4-3/4”. It weighs less than a pound and is very easy to store when it is not in use.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale


This precision scale can accurately give you weight measurements between 5kg and 11 pounds. It can display accurate weights as low as 3to 5 grams. It can do this because it has four highly sensitive sensors in place to help it get the most accurate weight.

The stainless steel platform has been designed with anti-fingerprint technology so this set of scales is very easy to clean and keep clean. A simple wipe down of the smooth surface after each use will keep this kitchen appliance looking its best.

If you do not want to keep the scale on your countertop all of the time this unit is perfect because it measures on 7.09” X 5.51” X 0.71 “ and can easily be kept in a cupboard, on a shelf, or in a kitchen drawer.

The scale makes precise weight calculations so every recipe that you cook can have the exact amount of ingredients it needs. You can also use this scale to accurately measure postage or as a jewelry scale because of its ability to measure such small amounts of weight, and its ability to measure up to eleven pounds of weight.

If you forget to turn off the scale, or you do not want to touch the scale to turn it off because you have sticky fingers you do not have to worry because the scale will turn itself off after two minutes of no usage. That is convenient and it extends the life you get from the 2 AAA batteries that are powering the device.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


The Ozeri Touch professional digital scale is a sleek unit with a smooth surface. On that smooth surface there is a digital LCD screen that has a large numerical display so it is very easy to read the scale. The smooth surface is made of a reflective black glass that is very strong and also very easy to clean because there are no crevices or buttons for crumbs to accumulate on. The black glass design also makes the scale more hygienic because bacteria cannot develop and grow in glass like it can in some porous materials. You simply wipe this entire scale top off and go about your business.

This scale will provide you weight measurements in ounces, pounds, kilograms, and grams. You choose how you want the weight displayed according to what you are using the scale for at the time. This unit can be used to weigh many different things, so being able to switch how the weights are displayed makes the scale even more versatile.

This unit has four sensors distributed across the weighing platform so it can perceive weights as low as half an ounce or one gram and weights as high as twelve pounds or seven hundred and fifty grams.

ERAVSOW Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale Stainless steel


This scale is so accurate because it contains six sensors that are perfectly positioned around the weighing platform. It can accurately measure a half of an ounce or a gram, and it can measure up to 3000 grams. You can also choose to have the weight shown to you in ounces, fluid ounces, grams and milliliters.

This unit has a built in timer to help you time your cooking so every recipe turns out perfectly, and you can time the length of brew time on your coffee so each pot is the exact same strength.

This scale has a very large LCD screen that is backlit and easy to read. It also has a TARE function to help you get the net weight of ingredients without the weight of the container or the bowl you are measuring them in.

The scale will automatically shut off if it stands for a period of five minutes without being used. This battery saving feature will not work if the timer is set. It will start timing the five minute interval after the timer has been shut off.

The body of the scale is designed so that spilled water or liquids ill roll off of the scale instead of just pooling on top of the weighing platform.

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

This sleek scale comes with two trays to make weighing the different items you weigh easier to do. It is so precise and accurate that it is a great coffee scale, and also a great scale for jewelry measurements, weighing medications, food preparation, and more. It is possible to get weights as low as 0.05g and as heavy as 500g using this device.

The surface of the scale is sleek and smooth so cleaning up is extremely easy to do. The scale has a weighing platform crafted from stainless steel so it does not rust, is not porous, and it remains looking great for years.

This is a smart scale. It can alert you if the surface is not level or the surface is uneven. It can tell you when the battery is getting low and when it has been overloaded. It has four buttons that allow you to choose how you want the scale to read out your measurements because it can display in ounces, pounds, and grams.

There is a button marked T that engages the TARE feature of the scale. Using the TARE feature you get the net weight of the ingredients in the container on top of the platform because the scale automatically deducts the weight of the container when it is calculating the total weight.

Digital Kitchen Scale with Dough Scraper by Nutri Fit


This multifunctional weighing device is perfect for use as a coffee scale and a kitchen appliance. This scale accurately measures weight in both metric and standard units of measure. It is even capable of measuring liquids like milk and water so that you get the exact amount of ingredients in your recipes. It can discern weights as low as one half of an ounce or one gram and as heavy as eleven pounds or five kilograms.

It is made from easy to clean materials and it has anti-fingerprint technology built into those materials. This means that you will not have to apply any harsh chemicals that could leave residues on the surface that could possibly contaminate your food ingredients. The surface material also resists dust, resists corrosion, and protection against discoloration, and damages like small scratches.

You can easily keep your counter top cleared off by hanging this scale from the hanging hook on the top. It is pretty enough to add to your décor and slim enough that it does not stick out far from the wall and interfere with anything. It is so slim you can store it inside a cabinet and still leave room for other items.

It does have an automatic shut off feature that shuts the power off if the unit stands without being used for more than one minute.

Digital Kitchen Scale / Food Scale – Ultra Slim


This is possibly the perfect kitchen scale for everyday use by professionals and non-professionals alike. It can discern a weight as low as half gram or as heavy as 11 pounds. That weight is displayed on an LCD screen that is large and very easy to read.

The surface area of the scale is gradient and easy to wipe off after each use. There are no protruding buttons or decorative trim that will allow crumbs of ingredients to be caught. You will not have to go to great lengths to wipe off the surface. The gradient surface also keeps bowls and containers from slipping on the surface of the scale.

It is precise in measurements and calibrated perfectly so you get the exact weight of the ingredients you are weighing.

You can place a bowl or container on the surface of the weighing platform, then push the zero button, and the scale will measure just the weight of the ingredients that you place in the bowl.

It is small in size and easy to store in cabinets, or even in a drawer. You will also find that it is attractive enough to be left in the open on your counter top.

It has an auto off feature that will help to save your battery life, and it is very easy to make the selection between the differing units that the scale measures in.

Do Coffee Scales Make a Difference?

A lot of people have asked me if having coffee scales really makes a big enough difference in the coffee that you make. I am here to tell you that the right set of coffee scales will change the coffee you make so drastically that you will wonder why you waited so long to buy a set.

Why not just use a milligram scale?

You could use a milligram scale to measure the weight of your coffee ingredients, but by using a coffee scale that is specifically designed for this use you will create a better tasting cup of coffee that is precisely measured and repeatable. Milligram scales do not have the same features that coffee scales have. The coffee scales have features that are specifically created to help you make the best cup of coffee, where the special features on milligram scales may be designed to help you measure medication, powder, gold, silver, or coins.

What are the benefits of a coffee scale?

If you are making espresso then a coffee scale will allow you to play around with your brew ratio until you discover the exact measurements that create the unique and tantalizing drinks that you desire. You can create your own personalized espresso that others cannot duplicate because only you know the ingredients.

How does a coffee scale enhance perfect brewing?

The scales enhance your brewing because they give you accuracy and precision in your measurements. You also get consistency and repeatability when you use scales. It is okay to guess how much coffee to use but if you want to make sure that you duplicate a certain cup of coffee then the scales will allow your creations to be exact replicas every time.

You will also waste less coffee and ingredients when you use scales to weigh and measure everything. If you make a cup of coffee that is bitter, or too weak, then you will more than likely through that cup of coffee away. If you can precisely measure each ingredient and repeat the process every time then you will waste less ingredients and save money and time.

Experimentation Using a Coffee Scale

When you are using a coffee scale you have the ability to brew each cup precisely. You can write down how much of each ingredient that you used and how long you allowed the mixture to brew, so that you have the ability to use that list of specifications and then experiment with timing, ingredients and more until you develop the coffee taste that you think is perfect.

Best Coffee Scale Buying Consideration

There are a few things that you should consider before you run out to buy a coffee scale. The baristas that make the coffees you love at your favorite coffee bar measure everything that goes into the cup. They measure the water and the coffee precisely so that they can create a perfect duplication of their coffees every time.

You should be buying coffee scales so that you have the same ability to make an accurate cup of coffee every time.

Precision and consistency

You want to be able to make a cup of coffee or an espresso that you think is wonderful. In order to do that your water to coffee ratio must be precise. If you make a cup of coffee that you love at a 1:17 ration of coffee to water, then the next time you make a cup at a 1:18 ratio you will be disappointed in the second brewing. The scales allow you to make precise measurements and to duplicate those measurements every time.

This allows you to have a consistent strength, aroma, and flavor from the coffees that you brew. Many people try to measure their coffee to water ratio using a measuring spoon or by eyeballing the amount they add, and those people are disappointed many times when the coffee they create is not what they intended it to taste like.

Measuring Increments

When you set out to buy a coffee scale you want to consider what increments the scale delivers weights in. Some scales are sensitive enough that they can measure as little as one half of a gram and some scales need you to have as much as one or more grams before it registers on the machine. The smaller increment readings will allow you to make finer adjustments to the coffee ingredients.

Pocket Scale VS Coffee Brewing Scale

Some of my friends ask me why a pocket scale is not just as good for weighing coffee ingredients as a coffee brewing scale. I always tell them that a pocket scale might help them make a better cup of coffee most of the time, but a coffee scale will help them make a better cup of coffee every time.

The Pocket Scale


  • Small size
  • Easily portable
  • May be cheaper than a specifically designed coffee scale
  • Usually have the TARE feature
  • usually have brewing plates that are easy to clean
  • are battery operated


  • May not be able to measure or recognize minute amounts of ingredients
  • May not have an automatic shut off
  • May not have a timer or stop watch feature to help you time brewing lengths and adjust the strength of your coffee
  • May be damaged by liquids

Coffee Brewing Scale


  • Gives you accuracy in measurements
  • Reduces wasted ingredients
  • Most have built in timers
  • Can usually read smaller weight amount
  • usually have very easy to clean weighing platforms
  • are generally water resistant so if you spill you do no damage to the unit


  • May not be a good choice to use when weighing other items like jewelry, coins, or medication
  • May not be easily portable because they may be heavier or larger than the average pocket scale

Wrapping it Up

I have done a lot of research in my quest to find the best coffee scale. The scales I mentioned above are all dependable, designed with the latest technology, efficient, precise, and preferred by the majority of coffee baristas.

I believe that you will be happy with the coffee scale that you select if you consider the size of the scale, how small of an increment the scale can measure in, the design of the scale, and how easy it is to read the weights on the LCD screen of the scale you choose.

I hope that you enjoy every cup of coffee you brew.

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