How Long Do Bathroom Scales Last?

The majority of people buy a set of bathroom scales and they do not buy another set for many years. We do not think about the fact that our bathroom scales can break or become unreliable. We simply step on them and fuss because our weight is not where we want it to be.

There is a good chance that you do not actually know your precise weight if you have been using bathroom scales that are aged or have not been checked for accuracy. 

What Are The Different Types of Bathroom Scales? 

Basically, you have three types of bathroom scales to consider. 

  • Analogue Scales which can also be referred to as mechanical scales. The analog variety of scales uses springs to calculate the weight placed on their platform. They normally have a dial that is operated because of the spring and you can read the number the dial stops on to read your weight.
  • Digital scales are scales who have a digital display of your weight. Most of them are backlit and it is easier to discern your actual weight when using them.
  • Analyser scales are the most recent type of scales. These devices connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. They send your weight and body mass index numbers to your smart phone. These are possibly the most accurate scales available.

How Big Should Bathroom Scales Be?

For the most accurate weight measurements, you want to get a bathroom scale that measures 30cm x 30cm. In inches that would be a scale that is at least 11.81 inches x 11.81 inches.

How Long Do Bathroom Scales Last Actually?

A beautiful bathroom scales on the floor

You can expect a good pair of scales to last for three to five years. Some scales are made of such high-quality materials they last for up to ten years. If your scales have reached double digits in age then it is probably time to get a new set.

New technology advances tools like bathroom scales each year. If you have owned your scales for more than two years there is a good chance that a newer and more accurate type of scale has been invented.

If you have owned your scales for five or more years you can rest assured that more accurate devices are now available.

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How to Make Your Bathroom Scales Last Longer?

You can do things that will help to make your bathroom scales last longer. They are not going to last forever, but you can get an extra year or two out of them by treating them right.

  • Do not weigh more than the scales are designed to weigh. Some scales can only measure up to 250 pounds and some scales can measure more than 400 pounds. When you purchase scales make sure you are buying units that can read the average weight amount that you, or the people in your family weigh.
  • Dryness matters. Moisture is one of the biggest damage factors for bathroom scales, Moisture can cause rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion can form in places that are not visible to the naked eye. Keep your scales in a location where they will not be splashed or wet from the sink or bath waters.
  • Change the batteries regularly. When the time changes you should change the batteries in your clocks. If you change the batteries in your scales when the time changes to daylight savings and back then you will always have fresh batteries.

7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Scales

A man is checking his scale with his feet

If you are uncertain as to whether you should replace your bathroom scales consider the following things.

1. Inconsistency

Place something like a bag of sugar on your scale. Read the weight and write the weight down. Remove the item and wait for about one minute and then weigh it again. If the scale gives you different weights on the same object, then it is time to consider a new set of bathroom scales.

2. The Display Reading is Not Constant and Stable

If the weight display fluctuates or does not hold at one constant weight then it is probably time to replace the scales.

3. Display is Hard to Read

If the display section of the scale has become hard to read it is probably time for a new pair. The glass or plastic over the display can become scratched, and the illumination of the digital displays can become too dim to read.

4. Rust on The Scale

If you see any signs of rust on the body of the scales then it is time to retire them. Often rust and corrosion are caused when you move the scales between different environments or the scales are exposed to water contact, constant moisture or some chemical has been spilled on them.

5. Display Weight is Not The Same As Another Set of Scales

All scales read a little differently. You can figure a pound or two difference between two different pairs of scales. However, if you weigh at the doctor’s office and are sure their scales are accurate and your scales at home read five or more pounds different than the ones at the doctors’ office then you need to replace your scales.

6. If You Inherited the Scales

If the scales you are using are ones you got from your mom and dad or ones you have used for so long you cannot remember where you bought them or when you bought them it is time to replace them.

7. Dents

Dents or damages in the scale surface or the platform surface are signs that the unit needs to retire.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Bathroom Scale

A man is checking his weight with his bathroom scale

If you are starting to experience problems with your bathroom scales like inconsistent readings then there are a few things you should check before you throw them out and rush to buy a new set.

  1. Are the scales battery powered? If the scales you are using have a digital display, then there is a good chance that they also have a battery that powers that display. If they are reading inaccurately or the light behind the display has become dim then there is a good chance that a new battery could save your problem. The battery can also cause the scale to not turn on or to not be able to be recalculated to zero.
  2. Are the scales sitting on a perfectly level floor? Scales cannot give accurate measurements of weight if they are not 100% level when you step on them. They are crafted so that they must sit on a hard floor that is smooth and level. Some of the causes of an unlevel floor may be your house settling, a piece of debris under the bottom of the scale, the scale sitting on a rug, the scale sitting on carpeting. Clean the floor space under the scale and dust off the bottom of the scale before you decide to just toss the scale.
  3. Is the scale being moved? A bathroom scale is going to perform best if you place it in one place and leave it in that place. If you move the unit around, even if you are moving it in the same room, there is a chance that the scale will not read accurately. Every time you move your scale you need to reset it to absolute zero and recalibrate 

Do Bathroom Scales Lose Accuracy?

Muscular man holding bathroom scales

There are a few things that will affect your weight enough that it causes you to weigh as much as five or more pounds more than you did the last time you weighed. These things could be affecting your weight readings. Your scales may be working right.

  1. Are you weighing at the same time each day? You may not realize this but your weight is greater in the evening than it is in the morning. If you weigh in the morning you will weigh less than if you weigh after lunch or at night before you go to bed.
  2. Do you empty your bladder before you weigh? If you do not empty your bladder before you weigh there is a possibility that you will weigh more because of the urine stored in the bladder. If you weigh in the morning do not weigh until after you have used the toilet.
  3. Are you wearing the same clothing? Clothing weight can make a huge difference in your weight. Make sure that when you weigh you are wearing the same kind of clothes, like nightgown, cotton shorts, or jeans. Bulky sweaters can add a lot to your weight and shoes all weigh different amounts. You should really weigh in your stocking feet while wearing as little clothing as possible.
  4. Did you empty your pockets? Most guys can carry up to five pounds of assorted items in their pockets. Some women do as well. Make sure you are not weighing all of the extra items that you lug around with you when you step on the scale.
  5. Did you just exercise or workout? You may not realize that strength training can cause some people to weigh more after the training than before. Sweating can also dehydrate you and change your weight and if you are swelling or retaining fluids you could weigh more than you should.
  6. Constipation can add up to 10 pounds to your total weight. If you have not evacuated your bowels completely the added waste adds to the total weight your scales reveal.
  7. Did you just eat? If it has only been a few minutes since you ate or since you drank a large amount of fluid the food and liquid in your digestive system can change the numbers on the scale. For the most accurate readings always weigh in the morning after you have went to the bathroom and before you dress for the day.
  8. What time of month are you weighing? Women have weight fluctuations according to what stage they are in on their menses. You should weigh at the same time of the month so your weight can be accurately measured.

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Final Thoughts

If you read the article properly, now you know there are some factors to consider on how long does a bathroom scale last actually. Find and choose the best bathroom scale available on the market that will give you much satisfaction.

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