Which Treadmills Weigh the Most

Treadmills are excellent ways to get cardiovascular exercise without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your home. 

We know that this type of exercise equipment will help us slim down, look our best, and be in better physical condition, but what else should we know about these devices before we decide to bring one home?

How Much Do Treadmills Weigh?


Before you can calculate the weight of a treadmill you have to consider the type of treadmill that you are getting. There are several different styles and each one has a different average weight.

Generally, a treadmill weighs somewhere between 50 and 550 pounds.

Treadmill Varieties

There are different styles of treadmills and each style has a particular benefit that causes it to be the perfect piece of exercise equipment for someone.


Manual simply means that you power the device and there is no motor to assist you.

Benefits of a Manual Treadmill
  • They cost less than motorized ones
  • They do not weigh as much as motorized ones
  • They make you put forth more effort
  • They require no electricity or batteries so they can be set up anywhere
  • They are safer and you have less chance of falling
  • They are portable so you can reposition them anytime you want
  • You can workout no matter what the weather is doing
  • Running on a treadmill is easier than running on natural surfaces


a man exercising on treadmill

These treadmills have an electric motor to assist you in your workout.

Benefits of a Motorized Treadmill

  • They have sturdier frames than the manual ones
  • They come with extra features like calorie counters
  • You can adjust the speed and the incline so you can increase the difficulty of the workout
  • They are better suited for runners
  • Suitable for longer training sessions
  • Can be paired with apps that will encourage and inspire you
  • Convenient
  • You can workout no matter what the weather is like

Hybrid Treadmills

Hybrids are a combination of motorized and manual treadmills so you can get the best of both worlds. 

This equipment is great it gives you a manual device that can operate without electricity and it gives you a powered unit that can use apps, change inclines, and encourage you to work out more.

Treadmill Facts you will want to know

Treadmill run
  • When you are using a treadmill that allows for an incline adjustment setting the incline at 1% to 3% will give you a workout that is comparable to running overground.
  • Be sure that you take the time to warm up and cool down. This is crucial for your muscles and stops cramps, prevents strains, and makes your workout more enjoyable.
  • You need to stand upright and resist the temptation to lean forward. The moving belts will make you feel like you are going to fall but stand up straight or your back will hurt when you are finished/
  • Treadmills are designed to absorb shock. That means your joints will not take the same punishment when you use a piece of equipment like this as they would if you were running on pavement or solid ground.
  • Resist the temptation to hang an article of clothing over the handles of the equipment. If you ever start using the device to store extra clothing you will develop a habit of that.
  • Use the calorie count when you are on the equipment. The calorie counter inspires you and shows you how much good you are doing. Seeing those numbers will also inspire you to run a little longer.
  • Motorized pieces of equipment like this have programs you can use to inspire and motivate you. They can keep track of your heart rate, your pulse, and your speed, and many of them have trainers who will talk you through your exercise routine like you were at a gym.
  • You should resist holding onto the machine while you are running. Move your arms as if you were naturally running or walking and you will increase the benefits you get from the session.
  • Make sure that small children cannot turn the device on when they are in the room and unsupervised. There have been several accidents occur because a small child turned the machine on and then got an arm or leg hung on the belt where it goes under the device.


What Are Hybrid Treadmills?

These are combination treadmills. They can function as a manual treadmill but they have a motor and can be used with the motor.

Is An Electric Treadmill Better Than A Manual One?

That will depend on what you want from the equipment. Motorized units are easier to use, but a manual unit makes you put forth greater effort and will help you lose weight and tone muscle faster.

How Much Do Treadmills Cost?

You will typically spend between $700 and $2,200 on this kind of exercise equipment.

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