Facts About Bull Weigh

Bulls are herbivores that can stand as tall as six feet. They can live to be about 22 years old. 

Some bulls have been known to live up to 25 years of age.

How Much Does A Bull Weigh?

Bulls seating on a field

A typical bull weighs between 1,200 pounds and 2,000 pounds when fully mature.

What cattle breeds produce the biggest bulls?

  • The Chianina from Italy produces some of the biggest bulls in the world. This breed is mainly raised as beef cattle.
  • The South Devon from the United Kingdom is the giant breed in Great Britain.
  • The Maine -Anjou is a French breed that can be raised for beef production or dairy products.
  • The Glan from Germany is enormous.
  • The German Angus is a beef producer.
  • The Chaolais is a French breed that is popular worldwide.

What Breeds of Bull Are Used for Rodeos

The majority of PBR bulls are cross-bred. Most of them can trace their heritage back to a Brahman.

The Brahman breed tends to leap and spin, so they make excellent choices for rodeo and bull riding exhibitions.

The bulls used have explicitly been bred, for rodeo competitions, so their ability to spin and jump is the best possible.

The American Bucking Bull is a breed designed to exhibit a bull’s qualities to be a star at rodeos and bull riding competitions.

The bulls know what to do when a rider gets on their back, and no one tries to agitate them or make them mad, so they will buck harder or jump higher. The bulls understand that their job is to get the cowboy off their back.

Did You Know?

The yearly event known as the running of the bulls festival happens in July in Spain?

Bulls are large and bulky animals, but they are pretty fast. A bull can reach speeds of 15 mph to 20 mph when running. There is an old joke about a sign on a pasture that reads, “How fast can you cross this pasture? Because the bull can do it in 8 seconds.”

Bullas is aggressive by nature. They can trample you with their hooves or use their horns to gore you. Their aggression stems from their desire to protect their pasture and the cows in the field.

A bull shakes its head from side to side when they sense a dangerous situation. If you see a bull shaking its head from side to side, it is time to get as far away from the bull as you can.

Bulls have a strong sense of smell and require very little sleep compared to humans.

All cattle are good swimmers.

A bull or cow will wade into a pond and stand when the weather is hot.


Bulls are not irritated by the color red. Bulls can see color, but they do not get enraged because they see something red. 

In bullfights, what angers the bull is the motion of the flag and the bullfighter taunting it.

Bulls do not have four stomachs. Cattle have one stomach that is divided into four chambers. Other animals like goats, sheep, deer, and camels have the same ruminant type stomach that allows them to eat large quantities and then bring their food back up to chew on at their leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Heaviest Bull?

The heaviest bull to date was Fetard from France. At 5 ½ years, he weighed 4299 pounds.

How Heavy is A Two-Year-Old Bull?

A two-year-old bull is fully mature and will weigh between 1,200 and 2000 pounds, depending on the breed and health of the animal.

Is a Bull Heavier Than A Cow?

Yes, a bull is more muscular and heavier than a cow.

How Many Pounds is An Average Bull?

The average bull weighs about 1,600 pounds. Typically bulls weigh between 1,200 and 2,000 pounds.

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