Facts About Cows

Cows are bovines. There are more than 800 breeds of cattle. They are used for meat sources and to produce milk for consumption. Their hides are tanned and used as leather for many different projects.

Cows are strictly vegetarian, and none of the breeds eat meat. They eat grasses; sometimes they will eat leaves, fresh fruits like pears, and grain given to them by their owner.

How Much Does A Cow Weigh

cow sitting in grass

On average, a cow weighs in at about 1,390 pounds. You will often see cows weighing as much as 1,600, and bulls can tip the scales at 2,400 pounds.

The amount that a cow weighs is dependent on the breed, gender, and age of the cow. The location of the cow and what they have to eat also determines the final weight of the animal.

What Cow Breed is The Largest?

The Chianina is the most giant cattle breed. They also have the shortest hair.

At birth, this breed of cattle is fawn-colored, and when they reach adulthood, they will be white.

They have small horns and small heads. They are primarily raised for beef production.

What Cow Breed Is The Smallest?

The smallest cattle are Dexters, Lowlines, Miniature Herefords, Zebus, and Highland cattle.

What Cow Breed Has The Longest Horns?

You may have heard of the Texas Longhorn. The length of their horns is fantastic. Both the males and the female’s sport impressive horns.

On average, they have horns that span about four feet, but some have had horns that measured eight feet or more.

The Longhorn may have the greate4st length of horns, but the Africa Watusi has the most prominent horn circumference.

Most Popular Dairy Breeds

The most popular breeds of cattle used for dairy production are:

  • Holsteins
  • Jersey
  • Brown Swiss
  • Guernsey
  • Ayrshire
  • Milking Shorthorns

Dairy cattle are responsible for creati8ng 90% of the world’s milk supply. 

One cow can produce more than 25 gallons of milk each day. In one year, they can have more than 2,000 gallons.

A cow must be bred and ready to give birth before she begins to produce milk. After some time, her milk will dry up if the cow is not breaded again.

Most cows are about two years of age before giving birth for the first time. They carry the calf for about 285 days before they give birth.

Most Popular Beef Breeds

The most popular beef breeds of cattle are:

  • Herefords with bulls that weigh about 1,800
  • Angus with bulls that weigh about 1,870
  • Shorthorns with bulls that weigh about 2,100
  • Simmental with bulls that weigh about 2,500
  • Limousin with bulls that weigh about 2,540

The cows in these breeds usually weigh about 600 pounds less than the bulls.

When processed, about 65% of the animal’s total weight is used as a food source.

How Big is The Average Calf At Birth?

An infant or baby cow is called a calf. The average calf weighs about 82 pounds when it is born.

In the first month of their lives, young bulls will gain about 80 pounds, but young heifers will earn a little less.

Calves are weaned between 6 and 8 months of age. The average calf will weigh between 500 and 700 pounds when weaned.

Dairy cow owners often sell young bull calves right after they are born. The people that buy the young bull have to bottle feed it until it gets old enough to graze.

The young bulls are sold so the dairy farm can collect the milk that the calf would have consumed from the mother. Heifers are not sold because they will grow up to be milk producers.

Did You Know?

A COW is a female with a calf, and the male is called a BULL. Before having a calf, the female is referred to as a heifer.

A cow has almost panoramic views of the world. They can see nearly 360 degrees and their poorest visual abilities are when something is directly in front of them.

Cows are social creatures and do not do well when they are alone.

Cows do not have upper front teeth. They have 32 teeth in total.

A cow can sleep standing up.

In the United States, there are more than 08 million cows.

The first cow to come to the United States arrived in 1611.

A cow may stand up and lay down as many as 14 times a day.

A cow’s stomach can hold as much as 50 gallons of food, and they eat about 40 pounds of food daily.

The amount of water consumed by a cow each day would fill a bathtub.

The beef from one cow is enough to make about 2,000 hamburgers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy is A Full-Grown Cow?

The average heifer will weigh about 1,400 pounds. The average bull will weigh about 2,400 pounds

What Is The Average Weight of A Cow?

The average weight for an adult cow is 1,390 pounds.

How Much is A 1200-Pound Cow?

The average 1200-pound cow would cost you about 600 dollars.

How Heavy is The Heaviest Cow?

The heaviest recorded weight was 3,920 pounds.

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