Facts About Cricket Balls

Cricket and baseball are similar sporting events. And yet, they are entirely different with different rules, tools, and play.

The balls used in the two sports are close, but baseballs are more prominent in diameter and weigh less than the standard cricket ball.

How Much Does A Cricket Ball Weigh?  

Weighing a cricket ball with a bear hand

Cricket has strict laws concerning the balls used during play.

A ball cannot weigh less than 5.5 ounces and no more than 5.75 ounces.

The diameter of the ball can be no less than 8.81 inches and no greater than 9 inches.

The umpires inspect and approve the balls before a match can begin. After approval, the balls remain in possession of the referee before the initial toss and throughout the rest of the game.

The Beginning of Cricket

The first official game of cricket is said to have been played in 1646. The people who skipped church to play in the game were fined for missing church.

Cricket is most popular in Australia and England, but it has about 2.5 billion fans in 180 countries.

The game was invented in England and has remained a popular sport in that country. Sadly, England has not been able to win a World Cup in the sport.

The Gear

The cricket players wear a lot more padding than baseball players do.

This is because the cricket ball weighs more and is harder than a baseball. They can cause more damage if they hit a person.

Did You Know?

When was the cricket ball first made, was it formed out of wool? Shepherds invented the game to pass the time while they watched their flocks.

A cricket match between England and South Africa once lasted 14 days? That was back in 1939. The game ended in a draw, so the teams were pretty fairly matched.

Is White willow the preferred wood for cricket bats? The white willow wood is known for its strength and lightweight.

The youngest player to play on England’s cricket team was 18.

The youngest international player was from Pakistan, and he was only 14 years old.

The older person to play the game at an international level was 52.

Cricket can be a dangerous sport. Jasper Vinall was hit on the head by a ball during a match and two weeks later died from his injuries.

In cricket, a score of 111 by one player is considered unlucky. This is referred to as a Nelson.

In Australia a score of 87 by one player is called the devil’s number. A century is a score of 100 bs number. A century is a score of 100 b one player and it is considered to be a great accomplishment. In Australia if the player scores 87 they say it is the Devil’s number because 87 taken away from 100 would be a score of 13.

Early cricket bats were not straight. They were curved.

In the game of cricket, the fielders are not allowed to wear gloves. This is strange because a cricket ball is more complicated than a typical baseball.

It was customary to stop the game in early cricket games if an animal ran onto the field or crossed the area. Once a match was stopped because a pig came onto the field of play.


How Much Does A Cricket Ball Weigh-in KG?

According to the rules, a cricket ball can weigh no less than 0.155922 kg and no more than 0.1630098 kg.

How Much Does A Kookaburra Ball Weigh?

The average Kookaburra ball weighs between 142 and 156 grams.

Is A Cricket Ball Harder Than A Baseball?

Cricket balls are more complex than baseballs.

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