The Weight of a Hardtop for a Jeep

People consider the weight of their vehicle components for different reasons. The biggest reason why people consider the weight of a Jeep hardtop is so they can determine if they will need assistance in removing or installing these items.

The average hardtop on a Jeep can weigh between 90 and 150 pounds.

How Much Does A Hardtop for A Jeep Weigh?

The hardtop on a Jeep weighs, on average, between 90 and 150 pounds. Most people can lift that amount of weight, but when considering whether to lift your Jeep hardtop alone consider the size of the item as well as the weight.

Three Piece Design

If you own a Jeep that has a hardtop that is actually three sections then the weights of each section will need to be considered and added together to determine the exact weight of the top.

  • The smallest two pieces of the top will each weigh between 10 and 15 pounds
  • The larger section will weigh between 80 and 120 pounds

Altogether the three pieces that make the top will weigh between 100 pounds and 150 pounds.

Weight by Model and Size

The different models of Jeep vehicles will require different sizes of hardtops which means that the weight of the hardtops is determined by the model and size of the vehicle in question.

2007 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door hardtop will weigh 140+ pounds.

2018 – 2022 Jeep Wrangler 2-door JL hardtop will weigh 110+ pounds.

2014 – 2022 Jeep Renegade 4-door hardtop will weigh 115+ pounds.

2020 Jeep Gladiator hardtop will weigh 110+ pounds.

1986 Jeep Comanche hardtop will weigh about 150+ pounds.

1974 Jeep Cherokee hardtops will weigh about 150+ pounds.

Earlier models of Jeeps had hardtops that weighed more. The materials used in the construction of the earlier Jeep models were thicker and therefore it weighed more than the newer model hardtops. 

Today the hardtops are made less of metal and more of composite materials that can be strong, resist rusting, and be lighter.

Tips To Help You Remove A Jeep Hardtop By Yourself

This is an activity that is not recommended by any of the experts unless you have some equipment to help you. 

The weight of the top is not the issue. The size and shape of the top can cause you to get in an awkward position and injure yourself or the top.

We do not always have a friend on a neighbor that can drop by anytime we want to remove our Jeep hardtops. So, there are methods you can use, like a hoist, to make the removal safe and easy to be done alone.

You Need:

  • A hoist connected to the ceiling of a garage or shed

Getting Started

To remove the top you are going to need to unlatch the top. The latches you are going to release are positioned on the interior of the vehicle. 

If you do not readily see the latches move your sun visors and check under them for hidden little latches.

You also need to disconnect electrical components that may be attached to the top. There are also securing points on each hardtop. 

You probably hate to hear this but you need to get the owner’s manual out of the glove compartment and read the section explaining where each securing point is located on your particular make and model of Jeep.

Getting Ready to Hoist

Jeep Hardtop Hoist getting ready

You need to lower the hoist so you can make the connections to the top. There are apps for your smartphone that will help you operate the hoist easily.

If you have an old-style hoist make sure that you have anti-scratch pads or material to place between the hoist chains and ropes and your vehicle to avoid scratches and dents.

Make all of the secure connections so the hoist can lift the top evenly from the vehicle frame.

Work the hoist slowly and make certain the top is even as it is going up.

Lock the hoist in position to hold the top in this place until you are ready to lower it and reconnect it to the Jeep.

You can store your hardtop in this position for as long as you like.


How Much Does A Hardtop For A Jeep Wrangler Weigh?

This is going to be determined by the year model of the vehicle, and the style of the vehicle. You can say that the average Jeep Wrangler hardtop weighs about 140 pounds give or take a few pounds.

How Much Does A Jeep 4-Door Hardtop Weigh?

You have to take into consideration the age of the vehicle, and the style of the vehicle to get an exact weight. The average weight of a hardtop for a 4-door Jeep is around 120+ pounds.

How Much Does A 2-Door Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Weigh?

The average weight on the newer model Jeep hardtop for a 2-door vehicle is close to 100 pounds.

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