What Does A Letter Weigh in Ounces?

A letter is a piece of mail that lets you stay in contact with friends and family. Sitting down to write a letter was once done more often than it is done today.

Before text messages and instant messenger people had to use a regular phone to call their friends and family.

You could also contact people using a letter. The letter took longer to contact your friends and family, but it cost less than a telephone call, and a lot of people did not have telephones.

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How Much Does A Letter Weigh?

Digital Scales Weighing Envelope

The typical first-class letter weighs less than 3.5 ounces. A letter being mailed first class cannot weigh in excess of 3.5 ounces.

What Does The Weight Matter?

When you go to the post office to mail something you will see the different methods of mailing, and the set requirements of weight for each type of mail service.

When the postal service weighs your letter they round the weight up in their favor. If you are mailing a letter that weighs 0.5 ounces more than it should the postal service rounds the weight up.

The Paper You Use Makes A Difference

The paper that you use to write the letter on makes a difference in the weight of the finished item.

When you buy paper, you will see the weight of the package. If the package says it has 500 sheets of paper in it and it weighs 20 pounds you will assume that you know the weight.

The problem with that train of thought is the paperweight is calculated using a ream of paper. The ream is four times larger than the actual paper you are buying.

The paper you just bought weighed only 5 pounds. Five times four = 20, the original weight you saw on the package of paper.

Calculating paperweight without a scale

There is a method of calculating the weight of paper without using a scale.


You need to divide 2o by 2000. This will give you 0.01


You need to multiply 0.01 by 16. One is the number of papers you are calculating the weight of and 16 ounces make one pound.

If you have to figure out the weight of multiple sheets of paper all you have to do is multiple the number of sheets by 0.16.

How Much Does The Envelope Weigh?

When you send a letter you have the sheets of paper and you have to place them inside an envelope.

A standard envelope weighs 6.75 grams.

If the sheet of paper you are writing on weighs 4.5 grams and the envelope weighs 6.75 grams then the weight of the letter will be about 11.25 grams.

Did You Know?

  • Writing a letter helps to relieve stress. When you write a letter you organize your thoughts and that organization relieves stress.
  • The first hand-written letter was written by Queen Atossa from Persia in 500 BC.
  • Until 1840 riders and coaches delivered letters. With the fir5st letters, the recipient of the letter paid the postage instead of the sender paying the postage.
  • Mailing and shipping do not refer to the same thing. You mail a letter and ship a package or container.
  • The Postal Service Act of 1792 was signed by George Washington. This act makes it illegal to open a letter that is addressed to someone else.
  • The first adhesive stamp was issued in the United Kingdom in 1840. It was the Penny Black. Before that time ink stamps were used on the outside of the envelope.


How Do I Know How Much My Letter Weighs?

The best way to determine the weight of your letter is to weigh it on a postal scale, or even a kitchen scale.

How Many Stamps Are Required on A Letter Weighing Four Ounces?

You will need to buy three of the Forever stamps and an additional 2-cent stamp.

How Many Stamps Will Be Required for A Large Envelope?

You will need three stamps.

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