The Weight of A Motorcycle

The motorcycle is a legendary two-wheel vehicle that is fast, easy to ride, and uses far less gas than most four-wheel vehicles. Motorcycles are popular in almost every country in the world.

The biggest drawback to a motorcycle is that they leave you exposed so when you have an accident you are more likely to suffer severe injuries.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh?

Black Cruiser Motorcycle

Motorcycles come in many different sizes and those sizes each come in different weights. You can find a dirt bike that weighs as little as 150 pounds. You can find larger bikes like some of the touring bikes that weigh 700+ pounds.

The weight of a motorcycle is going to depend on the style of the bike and the intended use of the machine.

Racing bikes are lighter than street bikes because the lighter weight can travel faster.

The First Motorcycle

The first motorcycle would not make you visualize the bikes of today. That first bike was crafted from wood. You could say it closely resembled a wooden bicycle, except it had a motor attached.

This German-made machine was lost in a factory fire in 1903. There are several replicas of the machine located in museums, mostly in Germany.

The Heaviest Motorcycles


BossHoss Motorcycle

The heaviest motorcycle on record has to be the Boss Hoss V8. This monster of a machine weighs about 1212 pounds. It is powered by the same V8 engine that is found in a Corvette.

The machine is a 355 Hp.

Harley Davidson CVO Limited

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This beast of a bike weighs about 943 pounds. 

Did You Know?

Riding a motorcycle is good for your health? When riding a bike, you have to use muscles to hold the bike up and steer it.

  • You breathe in more fresh air riding a bike.
  • You increase core strength.
  • You increase stamina.
  • You improve your posture.

Mentally riding a motorcycle is better for you than driving a car or truck.

  • When you ride a bike you have a greater sense of freedom.
  • Riding a motorcycle makes you feel happy and more alive.
  • Riding one of these machines can relieve stress and anxiety.

Other Great Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle Include?

  • They use a lot less gas than a car or truck. Normally, a motorcycle will get twice the gas mileage that a car or truck gets.
  • Insurance for motorcycles is pretty reasonable
  • Most riders can do the basic maintenance on their vehicles without seeking help from a shop
  • The parts to repair a motorcycle are cheaper than parts used to repair cars and trucks.
  • It takes less oil to fill them with oil
  • Tires for motorcycles are much cheaper than tires for cars
  • They fit into very small parking spaces
  • The interior of your ride does not get unbearably hot while you are in a store shopping
  • People cannot hide in the backseat of your motorcycle
  • People cannot hide beneath your motorcycle
  • They are very long-lasting machines. With proper maintenance, you can easily keep a motorcycle operational for more than 30 years.

Reasons Not To Ride A Motorcycle

  • These vehicles are more likely to be stolen than a car or a truck.
  • You do not have cargo room for unlimited amounts of groceries or supplies. You do have your saddlebags and can get a trailer to pull behind you.
  • When it is hot outside you are hot while you ride. When it is cold outside you are cold while you ride.
  • If you wreck the bike you are more likely to get hurt.
  • Motorcycles are hit by other vehicles more often because the bikes are harder to see.
  • If it rains while you are inside a store your seat will get wet. (You can throw a cover over the bike and prevent this from happening.)
  • You need to wear a helmet to protect your head.
  • Motorcycles hydroplane easier than cars and trucks do.
  • You cannot ride your motorcycle in the bicycle lane.

Fun Motorcycle Trivia

  • Yamaha started in 1887 as a manufacturer of pianos.
  • Suzuki started out making weaving looms.
  • Does Kawasaki also make watercraft, construction equipment, tractors, jet engines, helicopters, and more?
  • Did Dodge build 9 motorcycles that had the Viper V-10 engine? These bikes were called the Dodge Tomahawk.
  • Dipayan Choudhury rode his motorcycle backward for a distance of 125.52 miles in 2014.
  • The world’s longest motorcycle was 86 feet and 3 inches long.
  • 68% of the females who died in motorcycle crashes in 2016 were passengers.
  • 33% of the motorcycle drivers who drive while riding are riding bikes with engines larger than 1,400 ccs.
  • In India motorcycle riders can treat a stop light like a stop sign. They are only required to stop their vehicle for 2 minutes.
  • Matthew McKelvey rode his motorcycle 2023.5 miles in just 24 hours.


Who Made The First Motorcycle?

German inventors, Gottlieb, Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

When Was The First Motorcycle Created?

1885, in Germany.

How Much Does The Cheapest Motorcycle Cost?

Yamaha is said to be creating a bike that will have a price tag as low as $500.

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