The Weight of a Pool Table and other Interesting Facts

The game we call pool or billiards is fashioned after a lawn game from the 15th century. There is a rich heritage behind these games and activities.

The tables the game is played on were first invented as early as 1765 A.D. Since that time, the activity has entertained the rich, the poor, men and women. 

It is a non-judgmental activity that can be played by anyone, requires more skill than at6hletic prowess, and is often used as a social ice breaker.

How Much Does A Pool Table Weigh?

Billiard Pool Table With Billiard Balls

The lightest of these gaming tables will weigh about 200 pounds. The heaviest of them will weigh as much as twenty-five hundred pounds.

Factors that Determine the Weight of a Pool Table

A pool table is made of several different components. Each of the components adds to the weight of the table.

Some of the items like the cloth covering and the leather pockets do not weigh enough to really change the weight of the table. The other items like the bed, the legs, the cabinet sides, the rail cushions, and the top rails do add ample weight.

The bed

Beneath the felt covering is a solid layer that is either made of slate or wood. Slate is much heavier than wood and therefore, tables designed with slate are much heavier.

The slate that fashions the flat playing surface comes in different thicknesses. The slate can be anywhere from one-half of an inch thick to one-inch thickness. 

If you are playing on a table that has a slate bed made up of three pieces each of the pieces will typically be one inch thick. If you are playing on a table that has a solid, one-piece design the slate will be three-quarters of an inch thick.

Average Weights

        Size            Wooden             Slate
            6-Foot              180 pounds            500 pounds
            7-foot                275 pounds            700 pounds
            8-foot              320 pounds              1,000 pounds
            9-foot                450 pounds              1,300 pounds
            10-foot                600 pounds              1,500 pounds

Materials Other than the Slate or Wooden Top

The tables are designed with a wooden framework that holds the slate or wooden top. The framework is held up on four legs. The weight of the table is increased, or decreased, by the thickness and type of wood that is used in the creation of the framework and legs.

There are some tables, like the twelve-foot Snooker variety that have a total of 8 legs supporting them. There are some tables that require six legs to have enough support for the weight of the top.

On top of the framing, after the slate or wooden top is installed wooden side rails and bumpers are placed.

The Size of the Table

The majority of people do not know that the tables come in sizes ranging from six feet in length and twelve-foot in length. 

pool table

Did You Know?

  • When you are playing “pool” the stick you strike the ball with is called a cue, but when playing billiards the stick is called a mace.
  • The cloth that covers the table is traditional wool and not felt.
  • The cloth from the billiards table belonging to Mary Queen of Scots was used to cover her body when she was killed.
  • In the early days of the game if you accidentally pocketed the cue ball a point was scratched off of your score. That is why this action is called a scratch to this day.
  • During the American Civil War, pool players were so famous that cigarette cards, like bubble gum trading cards, were made with their facts and features for people to collect.
  • Also, during the Civil War, the results from pool or billiard games were announced more frequently than news of the war.
  • The balls used to play pool were once made from ivory. The balls had to be cut from the very center of the tusk. A single elephant tusk could only make two or three of the balls.
  • Billiards was the first sport to have a championship. The first championship game was played in 1873.
  • In France, during the 15th century, the King and the Church prohibited the play of the game. 
  • The pool is considered one of the safest sports in the world.
  • The cloth covering a pool table is normally green because the original game was played on the grass. The green was the representation of the grass the original game was played on. 
  • The first coin-operated pool table was established in 1903 and it cost one penny to play the game. 


When Was The Pool Table Invented?

1765 A.D.

When Was The First Coin-Operated Pool Table Used?

In 1903.

Why Do They Call Them To Pool Tables?

Originally, they were kept in places where people were betting on horses or “pools”. The table occupied the people between races, and the houses or rooms they were in became known as Pool Rooms.

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