Is A Roll of Sod Heavy?

Creating a lawn with sod lets you have instant gratification. You do not have to plant seeds, water, and wait. with sod, the grass is already sprouted, and lay it down like carpet for your yard.

We have all seen lawn care professionals’ muscles and abs, so it makes you wonder if the average person can lift sod, fertilizer, and the things you need for a picture-perfect lawn.

How Much Does A Roll of Sod Weigh?

sod rolls

Let’s skip all of the talks and get down to the root of the situation. A small roll of sod weighs between 15 and 30 pounds on average.

There are factors to be considered that can influence the weight of the sod.

How Thickly Was The Sod Cut?

On average sod is cut at a thickness measuring between ¼” and ½”. There are pros and cons to each thickness.

¼” sod pieces


  • At ¼” thickness the sod pieces are lighter and easier to handle
  • Thinner sections of sod root faster than thicker sections
  • Thinner sections of sod are easier to ship because they weigh less


  • You will need to water the thinner pieces more frequently and treat them with more care

½” Sod Pieces


  • The thicker pieces look more impressive when freshly laid
  • You get a thicker carpet of grass at a faster rate of time
  • The sod pieces do not require as much water after they are put in place


  • The pieces are heavier and harder to work with
  • The sod is harder to ship because it weighs more and is bulkier
  • The thicker sections may be slower to take root in the new area

The Length And Width of The Roll of Sod You Are Dealing With

Buying sod for your lawn is a lot like buying a carpet for your living room. You need to buy specific lengths and widths to be able to cover your lawn without making as many seams.

Sod can come in a length as short as 18” and it can come in a length as wide as 80”.

The length of the roll will increase or decrease the price.

You will automatically think the shorter lengths of sod will be cheaper but consider the fact that it takes more time and effort to cut the multiple little pieces than it does a longer and wider swath.

Transporting the smaller pieces is easier but, there is a greater probability that the smaller pieces will be damaged during shipping.

The Amount of Moisture That is Present in The Piece of Sod

New Sod Grass

Water adds weight to the sod. If the sod has recently been moistened to help preserve it then the water weight will increase the weight of the final piece.

Before sod is cut and prepared to be moved it needs to be watered. By watering the grassy area before cutting the amount of effort it will take to cut the pieces is reduced.

Watering before cutting also helps the grass to survive the transplanting process.

Most people put about 1.5” of water on the grassy area they are about to cut, daily for about a week. That means the moisture content in the sod will be high and the sod pieces will be heavier.

Did you know that 90% of the weight of grass clippings is water weight?

Facts and Tips on Sod

Test the strength of the sod by picking a piece up and holding it over your head where it hangs downward. If it does not tear it is strong and viable.

You will burn more calories per hour working on your lawn with a shovel, hoe, or rake than you would burn playing tennis or aerobics. You can keep your lawn beautiful and get in shape at the same time.


How Much Does An Average Roll of Sod Weigh?

The typical roll of sod weighs between 15 and 30 pounds.

How Much Does A Big Sod Roll Weigh?

The mega-size rolls of sod that have to be lifted with a forklift weigh close to 2000 pounds.

What Is The Standard Size of A Roll of Sod?

The standard size dimensions of a roll of sod are 80” in length and 18” in width. 

How Much Does A 2×5 Piece of Sod Weigh?

This is a small piece of sod that will probably weigh between 15 and 30 pounds, depending on how moist the sod is when you pick it up.

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