How to Reset Weight Watchers Scale

Weight Watchers scales are normally digital devices that can display weight readings for people who weigh up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms). There are also scales that perform different weights and measures that help with your body analysis and some scales even connect to your smartphones and tablets to help you get measurements of your weight, water, muscle density, and more.

From time to time every scale needs to be reset. If the scale is moved from one place to another you need to reset it so it will read accurately. If the battery runs out of power, or if the scale seems to not be reading correctly then you will have to reset it again.

Resetting Your Digital Scale – Step by Step Guide

Weight Watchers Scale with tool

You are not going to need any special tools are equipped to allow you to reset your weight watchers scales. The majority of all scales are designed to be easily reset because the manufacturers are aware that moving the scales or changing the battery in the scales will cause them to need to be reset. If you do not have any digital scale you can buy one.

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is pick the scales up and find the battery compartment if they are digital read-out devices. 

You want to remove the battery slowly and carefully from the compartment.

Step 2

Place the scale on a flat and level surface. Stand on the scale before you put the new battery in it. Stand like this for a period of fifteen seconds. Then get off of the scale and pick it up so you can put a new battery in the battery compartment.

Step 3

Wait about fifteen seconds before turning the power on. The scale may not have a power button. If it does not turn it on all you have to do is tap it with the toe of your foot or step onto the scale to activate it.

Step 4

Allow the scale to shut off before you attempt to measure your weight using the scale.

If The Scale is Not Digital

weight watcher scale with bare feet

If the scale you are using is not a digital scale then it will not need a battery to be changed.

Step 1

Pick the scale-up and feel at the end of the scale to find the control dial.

Step 2

Set the scale on the flat level surface where it will be used. Turn the control dial until you see the scale numbers set on 0.

Step 3

You are not ready to step on the scale and measure your weight.

Tips for Getting Accurate Weight Measurement

When you are weighing you should keep your arms at your sides and make certain that you are not touching anything.

Scales should not be set on top of carpeting. You should place the scale on a flat level surface like a tile floor, or wood floor.

Even though you keep your scale positioned so water does not splash onto it the humidity in a bathroom can cause the mechanisms of a scale to corrode over time.

Replace your scales every few years. Just because the scale still gives you a reading does not mean that the reading they are giving is accurate and precise.

Weigh yourself the first thing in the morning, after you have voided. Remember that your weight will change as the day progresses, and the clothing that you wear increases the amount that you weigh. Many people try to weigh only once a week, on Monday mornings right after they get up and then they create a weight chart that will reflect how much they have gained or lost since the last weighing day.

The main thing you need when resetting scales is a little patience. The devices are simple to operate, but sometimes they can be frustrating to set up. Take a deep breath and repeat the reset steps until you get your device working properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Points and Pounds on a Weight Watcher’s Scale?

Pounds are the amount of your weight but points are the measurements for your food according to the Weight Watcher’s plan.

How Do You Calibrate a Weight Watchers Scale?

Locate the calibrate button on the scale. It will be labeled as “Cal” or it might say “function” or “mode”. Depress the button after turning on the scale and let the machine calibrate itself.

Why is My Weight Watchers Scale Not Working?

The most frequent reason why a weight watcher’s scale may not be working is a battery that needs to be changed. When the battery loses power, the scale will not be able to properly  Display accurate weights.

Why Does My Weight Watchers Scale Say 000?

This can be an error code meaning that the weight limit of the scale has been exceeded. Step off of the scale and allow it to shut off and recalibrate then step on it again to see if you get the same reading.

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