The Average Weight of A Brick

Brick is made from clays that have specific features and characteristics. Fundamentally the process of creating a brick has remained the same since it was discovered.

The abundance of clay all over the world makes the creation of brick relatively easy no matter where you live.

Some of the questions that nag me about bricks are: Do bricks have a standard size and weight? Are some bricks tougher than others? Can I make my own bricks?

How Much Does a Brick Weigh?

Brick on a Hand

Bricks come in different sizes and their size, along with the clays used in formation decide their weight.

Common Reference NameDimensionsWeight
Modular3-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 7-5/84.39 lbs. or 2.0 kg.
Standard3-5/8 x2-1/4 x 84.58 lbs. or 2.1 kg.
Jumbo Modular3-5/8 x 2-3/4 x 7-5/85.36 lbs. or 2.4 kg.
Jumbo Standard Molded3-5/8 x 2-5/8 x 85.56 lbs. or 2.50 kg.
Queen3-1/8 x 2-3/4 x 9-5/85.71 lbs. or 2.6 kg.
Roman3-5/8 x 1-5/8 x 11-5/85.25 lbs. or 2.4 kg.
Norman3-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 11-5/86.36 lbs. or 2.9 kg.
Jumbo Norman3-5/8 x 2-3/4 x 11-5/87.97 lbs. or 3.6 kg.
Ambassador3-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 15-5/88.63 lbs. or 3.9 kg.
Modular Economo3-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 7-5/86.88 lbs. or 3.1 kg.
Utility3-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 11-5/810.76 lbs. or 4.9 kg.
Monarch3-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 15-5/813.42 lbs. or 6.1 kg.
Quad3-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 7-5/814.11 lbs. or 6.4 kg.
Double Utility3-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 11-5/819.6 lbs. or 8.9 kg.
Double Monarch3-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 15-5/826.75 lbs. or 12.1 kg.

Are Some Bricks Tougher Than Others?

Not all brick is formed from clay. Some of these items are made from concrete.

Clay bricks are much tougher and stronger than concrete bricks are.

A brick made of clay can stand eight to twelve thousand pounds and the same size brick made from concrete can only stand about three to four thousand pounds.

Can I Make My Own Bricks?

You actually can make your own bricks. 

Concrete ones are much easier to make at home because you only need a mold the size you want the brick to be. You mix the concrete, pour it into the mold, and wait for the concrete to harden.

The clay variety requires you to find the clay, mold the clay into the shape of the brick you want, and then to bake the clay form in a kiln until if hardens to perfection.

Did you know?

  • There were 3.8 million bricks used in the creation of the Great Wall of China?
  • Bricks are great for house building because they are non-combustible and will not help a fire to spread?
  • The minerals in the clay used to make the brick determine the final color of the brick? Red bricks are red because of their iron content.
  • Brick homes have a higher resale price than homes with other sidings
  • Bricks have been dated back to 7500 BC.


How Many Bricks Are in A Ton?

The lightest bricks weigh about 4.5 pounds, so there would be about 385 of them in a ton. 

How Many Bricks Are in A Pallet of Bricks?

There are about 113 bricks in a pallet of bricks.

What Is The Standard Size And Weight of A Brick?

The standard size and weight is 8” x 2 ¼” x 4” and the brick should weigh between 4.5 and 5 pounds.

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