What is The Weight of A Gold Brick?

Gold bricks are something a lot of people fantasize about one day owning. How nice it would be to simply open your home safe and see a stockpile of gold bars sitting inside it.

Many of these gold fantasies are fueled by adventure movies and westerns where someone loads a pack with the bars of precious metal and they run away to hide it so they will always have money to live on.

If you ever considered the weight of those pieces of gold you would know that those people were not running with bags of this substance hung around their necks. And those poor pack mules could not lug around the weight of very many bars for very long.

How Much Does A Gold Brick Weigh?

Stack of gold bricks

A standard size gold brick weighs close to 28 pounds. You ain’t running with many of them in a bag, and if you have very many of them in a bag it better be a stout bag.

Are All Gold Bars The Same Size

Gold bricks and bars come in different sizes. They are referred to as gold bullion because bullion loosely translates to mean precious metals such as gold and silver when they are in a bulk mass.

Where is The Largest Stockpile of Gold?

The largest stockpile of gold is in the United States. 

The top five countries with the largest gold reserves are:

  • The United States has 8, 133.5 tons
  • Germany has 3,359.1 tons
  • Italy has 2,451.8 tons
  • France has 2, 301.6 tons
  • Russia has 2,301.6 tons

What Reserve has The Biggest Stockpile of This Precious Commodity

The Federal Reserve Bank located in New York holds the largest quantity of gold in the world.

What Are Minted Bars

Not all gold is the same. A minted bar is hand-cut from a large flat piece of gold. 

Minted bars usually have glossy finishes. 

Cast bars are ones that are made by melting the solid substance and then pouring it into a mold. 

Cast bars are not as shiny. The amount of shine the bars have does not increase their value of them.

Did You Know

  • A cubic foot of gold weighs a ton.
  • Gold melts at 1064,43 degrees F.
  • In small quantities gold is edible
  • The United States has more than 8,100 tons of gold
  • Governments used to be required to be able to back their paper money with actual gold. This practice no longer holds true.
  • China was the fifth country to have the largest gold stock until 2018 when Russia beat them out.


How Much Money Is A Gold Brick Worth?

It is estimated that a gold brick weighing about 28 pounds would be worth $623, 564.41 or more depending on current gold prices.

How Big is The Largest Gold Bar?

According to the Guinness World Records the largest gold bar is 45.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 17 cm in height.

Which is Better, Gold Coins or Bars?

Gold coins are known to have a higher sentimental value so they could be easier to sell if you decided to liquidate your holdings. 

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