The Weight and Size of a Mastiff

The Mastiff is a big and beautiful dog. Many people are afraid of them because of their size.

These canines are very calm and sensitive. They are great with children and they do not sit around and bark a lot as the tiny Chihuahua dogs do.

Before we can decide how much we admire or dislike the mastiff breed let’s find out more about them.

How Much Does A Mastiff Weigh?

English Mastiff

The world’s largest dog was recorded in 1989 to be 37 inches tall and weigh 343 pounds. He was a Mastiff named Zorba.

Don’t worry most of these canines only reach about 120 to 170 pounds for the girls and 160 to 230 pounds for the boys.

An adult female mastiff will stand around 27 inches in height and her male counterpart will be closer to 36 inches in height.

From Puppy to Adult

You will hear a lot of people tell you that by the time a puppy is 6 months of age it will have gotten as tall as it is going to get. A Mastiff does not reach a mature height by 6 months of age. When they are 18 months of age you can get a pretty good guess at exactly how big they will be when they are finished maturing.

At 3 months of age, the puppies will weigh between 16 and 37 pounds. By the time they are five months old, they will weigh between 50 and 95 pounds. By their first birthday, they will weigh between 120 and 200 pounds.

From birth to their full mature size is going to take about 2 years of growth.

You need to be patient with them through their puppy stages and be sure to be firm and consistent with training.

Great Things About The Mastiff Breed

  • They are very affectionate and loving animals
  • They get along very good with kids
  • They tolerate cold weather
  • They are smart and fairly easy to train
  • They do not like to bark a lot
  • They are playful
  • They do not tend to wander off
  • They are easy to groom and do not shed a lot
  • They are usually pretty healthy
  • They tolerate being left alone very well

Not So Great Things About The Mastiff Breed

  • They tend to drool a lot
  • They need a good bit of exercise
  • They do not do well in an apartment
  • They are not really trusting of strangers
  • They tend to gain weight easily
  • They may or may not get along with other dogs
  • They do not do well in very hot climates
  • They should be owned by an experienced dog owner
  • As puppies they are active and they chew on everything

Did You Know?

  • They are tall but because of their weight, something as simple as jumping down from your sofa or bed can cause them to get joint injuries. It is best to provide them with a step so they do not have to jump from the bed.
  • These massive animals were once used in battle and even pitted against lions
  • They have a lot of gas if their diet is not perfect
  • They snore loudly
  • They can live up to 18 years, but most of them do not live quite that long
  • They easily become fearful when in new situations and surroundings. Their fear can be seen as a sign of aggression.,
  • They are messy when they drink
  • Measure their food and feed them twice a day rather than leaving food out all of the time.


Does A Mastiff Make A Good Family Dog?

They are very loving and protective of their families. They are also calm and good with children.

Are The Coats on Mastiffs Hard to Care For?

Their coats are short-haired and very easy to maintain.

Do Mastiff Dogs Bark A Lot?

A mastiff does not tend to be bad about barking.

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