The Weight of a Panther

A panther is one of the smaller big cats. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the panther.

You will hear some people say that there is no such thing as a black panther. These people will tell you that it is just a pigmentation that can happen in cats.

Well if the pigmentation causes the panther to be black then logic tells us the black panther does exist.

Let’s see what other panther myths we can bust to let the real facts about these cats come to light.

How Much Does A Panther Weigh?

Beautiful black Panther

Panthers are fairly small cats if you compare them to lions and tigers. A panther may weigh anywhere between 120 and 220 pounds if it is a male.

A female panther will only weigh between 64 and 140 pounds.

The male panther can grow to lengths of 7 feet.

Panthers belong to the grouping of big cats that include lions, jaguars, and tigers.


When a little panther is born it is called a cub. 

The mother is pregnant for about 3 months and then she delivers between 2 and four cubs.

The panther sounds very similar to a lion because lion babies are called cubs and lionesses deliver between 2 and 4 cubs at one time.

You may have even heard that panthers live in prides as lions do.

That is A Myth

Panthers are solitary animals. They like to live alone and hunt alone.

Another big difference between the panther and the lion is that the female panther usually takes care of the cubs by herself.

With lions, the females go off to hunt and the males stay back with the young ones and they care for them until the mother returns.

By the time a panther cub is nine months of age, they can bring dow2n medium-size prey on their own.

They Can Jump and They Can Swim

You are going to be astounded but a panther can leap over 20 feet. Like their kin the jaguar these cats a light on their feet and able to jump to outrageous heights.

Like their kin the tiger, they can swim and actually seem to enjoy being in the water.

They often get into the water to cool off on hot and steamy days.

They Can Be Ferocious

These may be the smaller cats, but they can also be fierce and ferocious.

Adult male panthers are known to kill juvenile males that wander into their territory.

Panther-on panther killing is one of the top two methods of violent death these cats are exposed to.

The other violent means of death for the cats are being struck by a car.

Long Lives

These cats normally live about 20 years. 

Male cats are the most likely to die before the age of 6. If they do remain alive after 6 there is a good chance that they will live ten or more years longer.

Panthers can be found in Asia, Africa, and America.

They love forests, swamplands, and grasslands.

Tree Myth

There is a myth that panthers live in trees. This is not true.

The panther can climb and does so very well. They do not live in the tree.

One thing that may have started this myth was the fact that the animals are strong enough to make a kill and carry it into the tree with them to eat it.

Did You Know?

  • In North America, the cat is known as a panther, and the cat is called a cougar, as well as the puma and the mountain lion are the same cat with different names.
  • The North American panther makes a cry that sounds like a woman screaming
  • The North American cat that is known as a panther is not a true panther it is a cougar.
  • If you come across one of these big cats you should stand up tall to make yourself appear larger
  • You should never run from one of these cats. They can reach 35 mph when they run and you cannot. Stand your ground, do not yell, but speak to them in a firm and loud voice.


How Heavy Is A Big Panther?

A big male panther can weigh as much as 150 pounds.

How Fast Can A Panther Run?

A panther can reach speeds of up to 36 mph.

Is A Cougar and A Panther The Same Thing?

Yes, these are both the same cats just known by different names.

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