The Average Weight of a St. Bernard

When you think of St. Bernard you likely picture Beethoven from the movie, or you see a beautiful ski chalet in the Swiss alps and an enormous dog with a keg of brandy tied to its neck so it can rescue lost skiers.

These are beautiful canines with long hair. They definitely can withstand the cold, and believe it or not their coats are not that hard to care for.

You are not really going to find any of them delivering brandy to lost skiers in the Swiss alps, but you will find them used as rescue dogs.

What other things do we know, or think we know, about this spectacular breed?

How Much Does A St. Bernard weigh?

Two St. Bernard Dog Breed sitting on the floor

The average weight of these enormous animals is 120 to 280 pounds for the males and 120 to 220 pounds for the females.

This giant breed stands about 30” tall. 

Characteristics of this Canine Breed

You already know that they reach a pretty hefty weight when they are adults. You are not likely to want to train one of these beauties to sit in your lap.

But what characteristics of these animals make them such infamous dogs?

They are Calm and Patient

This is a breed of dog that is not getting excited. 

They are loyal, loving, and gentle. They also have an extreme amount of patience.

They Do Not Bark A Lot

You will not have to worry that your dog i9s going to keep you and half of the neighborhood up baking constantly through the night.

They are not excitable barkers like a chihuahua or a miniature schnauzer are.

When you do hear one of these big guys baking you need to go see what the problem is.

They Are Protective

These are dogs that are very friendly. They like to be loved and they like to give love.

They also bond firmly with their family and when their family is in danger these canines are fiercely protective of them.

Remember Peter Pan when they had to tie Nana up to keep her from getting to Peter Pan? Nana was protecting Wendy and the boys, and St. Bernard will always choose to protect the ones they love.

They Learn Quickly

The intelligence of this breed is high. 

If you spend 15 minutes a day working with your pup they will grasp the basic skills you are training them to do and they quickly associate words.

It is imperative that you train these animals so you can control them when they weigh twice as much as you do.

Heat is A Problem

In the summer when temperatures rise these poor creatures are miserable.

They have a lot of thick hair and they are large. That is a combination that increases the misery they feel when they have to live through hot and humid summers.

Watch Them Grow

These puppies come here weighing about 1.5 pounds. They are small and fluffy but hold onto your hat because they are not going to stay little for long.

If you have a female puppy by the time she has reached the four-week mark she is already weighing about 23 pounds.

When she reaches the three-month mark you will be astounded to know that she will weigh closer to 50 pounds. She is getting big but remembers she is still just a baby.

By the time half of a year has passed your precious 1.5-pound puppy will have grown into one that weighs about 95 pounds.

It will almost seem like she grows right before your eyes. They grow tall and put on weight very quickly.

Remember that she is a giant breed dog and she is going to need a lot of food to keep her healthy and happy but she does not need to be overfed. You do not want these canines to become overweight.

Did You Know?

  • Originally these animals were used as rescue dogs. They were large enough to pull a sled and they were strong enough to help people who were in real trouble.
  • This breed of dogs was used by Napoleon to help him get through a mountain pass.
  • They are super droolers.
  • They snore but not too bad
  • They suffer a lot of bone deterioration


How Long Do St. Bernard Dogs Usually Live?

These canines have a lifespan of about 8 to 10 years.

Can a St. Bernard Run Fast?

They can reach speeds of up to 15 mph.

When Do St. Bernard’s Reach Their Adult Size?

These dogs have generally stopped growing by the time they reach 18 months of age.

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