The Weight of Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo wrestling is a very popular sport in Japan. While you might look at the participants and judge them as simply being obese overeaters the truth is these professionals are very healthy and eat better than most of us do.

You know that you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, well do not judge sumo wrestlers by their girth.

These athletes actually have to work very hard to develop the mass they need in their stomachs and maintain that mass. They do not simply pig out on sugar and sodas. They eat very balanced and nutritious foods that will help them maintain health and girth.

Let’s learn some more about these athletes.

How Much Do Sumo Wrestlers Weigh?

Many of the sumo wrestlers weigh as much as 330 pounds. In order to maintain weights of that much they often have to consume 20,000 calories per day.

Japan’s oldest Sport

Sumo wrestling is the oldest sport in Japan. It is said that participation in sumo wrestling dates back more than 1500 years.

This is A Sport for Men. The Physical Requirements Are:

  • The wrestler must be no shorter than 5’8” or 173 centimeters.
  • They can weigh no less than 165 pounds or 75 kilograms
  • They cannot be younger than 20
  • They cannot be older than 25

Other Requirements for The Athletes Include:

  • There cannot be more than one foreign summon wrestler in a stable of wrestlers
  • Foreign wrestlers must speak Japanese
  • Foreign wrestlers must be well versed in Japanese culture
  • They must live at their training stables
  • They must always dress in traditional Japanese clothing
  • The athletes are not allowed to own or drive cars
  • They must be soft-spoken when they are in the public
  • They must remain self-effacing when in public
  • During a tournament, they must refrain from shouting with joy or showing disappointment if they lose
  • They must wear a mawashi when in the ring competing and they cannot wear anything under their mawashi.

Did You Know?

  • The wrestlers stomp as they enter the ring to ward off evil spirits not to intimidate their opponent. They also throw salt to purify the ring and get rid of evil spirits. These are all part of the Shino religious customs that started this sport.
  • They open their arms wide before starting a match to prove that they have no weapons on them
  • Younger generations of Japanese people are not interested in sumo wrestling like the older generations are
  • The lesser athletes are made to cook and clean for the higher-ranking wrestlers
  • The lesser athletes are often physically punished and endure abuse to toughen up so they can perform better in the ring
  • Sumo actually started due to religious observances
  • The mawashi they wear is commonly made of silk
  • Wearing the mawashi loosely makes it harder for the athlete to be thrown
  • Wearing the mawashi tightly or splashing water on the fabric can make it more difficult for the opponent to get a grip on the cloth
  • Sumo wrestlers can be married


Is There A Weight Limit for Sumo Wrestlers?

There are no set weight restrictions for the participants of this sport.

Is Sumo Wrestling A Male-Only Sport?

Sumo wrestling is a male-dominated sport and at this time only men are allowed to compete publicly. However there are women on their way to entering the competition.

How Much Money Can A Sumo Wrestler Win Per Bout?

Typically the purse or envelope they receive for winning a ‘bout’ will contain 30,000 yen. That is about $277 dollars.

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